Zhang Zhen people’s beard moved,Chu Deirers are not very respectful……Could it be a mouth?


“Your kid is a machine。”Zhang Zhen people sighed。
It seems that Zhang Zhen will start from the beginning.,There is no one in the deer.,But just when the Chu Deirers have to explain.,Zhang Zhen people have some feelings of opening:“Emei’s thing……You did very well。”
Chu Deirers this is tones,It seems that at least it will be packed up by Zhang Zhen people.。
http://www.lvf-sale.cn “Zhang Zhen……Do not believe in Shaolin and Yu Sanxia、Zhang Wu is related?”Chu Deirers asked more。
Say to take Zhang Zhen’s experience,I should not have such a big good feeling against Shaolin.——Although it has a good incense in the early years,But the Shaolin has a lot of monk that year.,I think he is a traitor of Shaolin,After that, there is no Zhang Wuji.,Mud people also have three points of fire。
“Old three things,Or is related to the Chengkun,Shaolin……Don’t dare to break,As for the old five……Hey。”Zhang Zhen said,I just sigh.。
The dead of Zhang Cuishan couple,Said that it is naturally impossible to be with Shaolin.,And on the famous Mall of Wudang at the time,Can’t do it off!
But to say the culprit,But it is the wheel.……
Zhang Cuishan’s self,Talk,Still because of Yu Jiyan’s embarrassment——At the beginning, http://www.hrbguangri.cn Yin Sulin Dedication Co., Ltd., Yu Jiyan,He handed it over to the Longmen End Bureau to send back Wudang.,Darkly。
This is exposed,Zhang Cuishan can’t accept dunger wife,It is one of the beginning of the three brothers.,So in the face of all sent。
Otherwise, even the big factions,Zhang Sanfeng,I can’t help but have already said.?
certainly,Yu Jiyan is in the same year.,Like Mo Valley,Like Tour Rivers and Lakes、Tube unpailed heroes,As a result, even the hatred is not seen.,It is a wasteman,Unable to forgive strength in your heart……Wrong??
These Zhang Zhen people have a mirror,At all, I didn’t put Chu Deirers to accuse the Shaolin.,but……Obviously there is no meaning of the meeting。
It seems that Zhang Zhen people have to be Shaolin,Really fire is not small。
“You come this time,Not to inference Who is the Shaolin http://www.gyhuijing.cn and a pit??”Zhang Zhen said,I also blinked in Chu Deirers.,A look。
Obviously in Zhang Zhen,Chu Deirers do this“Monkey”——However, on the one hand, he is not very angry with Shaolin.,on the other hand……Zhang Zhen feels,This kid is also because of worshiping big brother.,Deliberately revenge,And the scale of the retaliation,Not considered“Dispelling”,There is no more negative view,Instead, there is a feeling of tone.。
“The old man wants to ask Zhang Zhen people to learn Wu Dang!in addition……Oriental teacher of the supersive god,I also entrusted me to ask for advice from Zhang Zhen people.,Also let the younger adhere to these,Hope as an exchange,Can get《Pure Yang Polancence》and《Silkworm change》。”The Chu Deirers have no concealed.。
Until“First ask for yourself、Let’s talk about the principal of the main sister”This kind of care,Chu Deiren did not dare to plan。
“Down to the earlier……”Chu Deirers are simply described,The third thing is proposed:“……That’s it,The solo teacher said six months later,I hope to fight with Zhang Zhenren。”
Zhang Zhen people also looked at the Chu Deirers.:“your business……A lot。”
“Also happy to help people……Helpful!”Chu Deiren。
“The Oriental Cantonese is given your skills.,Lao Road first take a look。”Zhang Zhen said。
Chu Deirers heard a sentence——What is Zhang Zhen??Since his old man is going to see,That wants to have decided to promise?
Be better than Chu Dee people,Chu Deirers are also happy……
Not reasonable to handle it to the Eastern,But don’t teach yourself.?
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 572 Extinction
“Thank you, Zhang Zhenren!The late generation is not responsible for real people,Be a useful person to martial arts、Maintaining the order of the rivers and lake、Least people from low-level fun……”
Chu Deirers before Zhang Zhen,Very touched。
“OK,You don’t want to have a lot of things in the future.。”Zhang Zhenren demanded the Chu Deirers,Unexpected low?
“Does Zhang Zhen people not let me maintain the peace of Wulin??”Chu Deiren heard the asked。
Zhang Zhen people just wrote painting on the unbeaten manuscript in the East,And really will《Pure Yang Polancence》and《Silkworm change》Give the Chu Deirens,After that, he pointed to his afternoon.……