“Xiaomo,Maybe then you two will be matched。”Huang Lao said with a smile,How could he not know Mr. Liang’s careful eye,Seeing Lao Liang doesn’t say anything,Just help yourself。


He doesn’t know much about Mo Xiaosheng,Didn’t know he was married。
“Old Huang joked,I am married。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled。
“I know,I asked your neighbor over there,Have been married for almost three years, right??”Old Liang said calmly。
“Ok,about there。”Mo Xiaosheng gave Liang Lao a surprised look,I didn’t understand what he said for a while。
“But I also heard that the lives of your husband and wife,Doesn’t seem to be very harmonious?I haven’t had a child for so long。”Old Liang stared at Mo Xiaosheng and said,There was expectation in his eyes。
“Uh……Okay,Okay。”Mo Xiaosheng was a little embarrassed when asked,The neighbors around their house indeed know that Mo Xiaosheng and Qiao Yiyi’s married life is not happy.,And Qiao Yiyi’s family also looked down on this Mo Xiaosheng。
When Mr. Liang heard the news,I was still quite puzzled,Such a good person,Why is it a waste of money in his house?,There must be some misunderstanding。
“Want me to say,Men break when they break,If two people are not suitable,Then hurry up and get together,See the right time to plunge into a new relationship,Maybe it can be a big gain。”Liang Laoyu earnestly persuades。
He was so careful that Huang Lao could see through it at a glance,Obviously it’s trying to divorce Mo Xiaosheng。
Huang Lao immediately nodded very cooperatively,Shen Sheng:“Ok,Make sense。”
Mo Xiaosheng looked at Lao Liang and Lao Huang,Don’t talk anymore,What else can they say。
His feelings for Qiao Yiyi,He is in love,As for Qiao Yiyi,I do not know。
After drinking tea from Jeshantang,,Mo Xiaosheng went to Qiao Yiyi’s clinic,Ended up at the clinic,Joey is not there,The little nurse said she went to the doctor。Mo Xiaosheng took the bus to Zijingshan Park,Here the mountains are beautiful,Rich natural scent,Plus not many people come here to play,So here is very suitable for Xuan Fa practice。