Who made him look at Xu Xuan the most unpleasant??


11Seconds are fleeting,Popping is very fast,Xu Xuan is almost unable to maintain his body balance due to slight physical confrontation。
“good chance!”
Jennings’ eyes lit up and Pope reached out to break the ball in Xu Xuan’s hand at the same time!
Two people with four hands.Xu Xuan clenched his teeth,Sweat wet the eyes,His remaining strength is completely insufficient for him to complete a breakthrough or change direction.
What should I do?
Xu Xuan’s eyes have unprecedented heat and hope.The deepest thing in the bone is broken like a glass bottle and then burst open, flowing from the heart to the wrist.
“.I still won’t give up!”
Bend up,Pass——Extremely simple action is to survive in the cracks!
Xu Xuan passed the ball out.At the juncture!
“Ding!Congratulations to the host for breaking the limit!Jason·Williams’ passing talent begins to advance!Advance time unknown,Unknown advanced effect.”
Xu Xuan did not hear,Did not see。His eyes are already wet with sweat,His ears are covered with cheers.
because.The ball scored!
The success of the melon pressing the watch!
Knicks104ratio103.weak1Detroit Pistons!
They turned over!
Melon is undoubtedly the biggest hero,Audience27cast16in,Three points11in6,penalty7in5Chop off43Minute、4Assist、6Backboard!
Score on40,Field goal percentage59.2%,Three point percentage54.5%!
This time it’s Jennings’ turn to be foolish!