Huang Lei even had a little doubt whether his choice was wrong,You should stay with Song, who is named Song, and Bai, who is Zhang Bai.,Eat and drink there,There are all kinds of things that you can’t enjoy,At least much better than the average person。


Think about it again,I also feel that I should not think about it。
This feeling is complicated and contradictory,Huang Lei didn’t know what to say for a while,In the end, I didn’t let myself talk more about this matter,Mainly not necessary,I think too much about this kind of thing,On the contrary, it makes me feel tired。
Originally Huang Lei should be on the road easily,This time should be to enjoy this kind of life,Enjoy this kind of relaxation that has never been before,Soon Huang Lei discovered another problem,He has no money。
He had never considered this aspect before。
There is almost no need to think about food, housing, transportation, etc. with Song Zhangbai’s Bai.,Obviously different now,He realized he needed money,He didn’t know until he came to this place,I am really poor。
At this moment, Huang Lei was a little puzzled,Something I didn’t think about before,I have to think carefully at this time,Thanks is such a question,Got more money here,What else can I do?
I have to eat and I have to wear it。
This is what worries Huang Lei the most,There is no way to continue without money,What can be done is also limited,He is still asking himself,Did you make a very stupid choice at this time??
Good days but have to run out,it’s good now,But embarrassed myself,The more I think about Huang Lei, the more I wonder,He didn’t know what to say for a while。
This is the situation now,It’s no use saying anything,Anyway, what he can do so far is to try his best to find a job,As long as you can get money。
Find a job first and do it first,Wait until it’s almost time to do other things,This is Huang Lei’s choice,Huang Lei thinks this is more appropriate,After all, he is also an adult,Not a kid,Some things are your own responsibility,Some things should really be thought through,Now this situation,Huang Lei hasn’t considered it,This is what he deserves。