But Michael Jordan, who was stimulated by Kobe to come up with playoff-level status, is too scary!


Jordan is in3Month has been cut1field60+,2field50+Up!There are countless30+40+。Such a performance of killing gods,Directly pushed his scoring average to32.7Minute!A score that Kobe can never match。
70Win!League’s best record!champion!FMVP!
Jordan tugged at his elbow pads。
I want it all!
This is the first person in the league,The dominance of the god of basketball!
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Two Four battles with supersonic speed
“Deduct camp one,Kobe。As long as you buck him,Whatever you want!”Lakers on a flight to Seattle,O’Neal keeps harassing Kobe。
O’Neal always felt that the last time he was injured was because of Camp’s spoiling,Although there is no evidence。But the boyish O’Neill is still upset about it。If there is no one fall,SeasonalMVPIt’s in his pocket。
Kobe looked up to the sky and sighed,you this300Big fat man,Anything can be unattractive at all。
Seems to have another task,O’Neill。