“So what do you want to say to me now?”


Yang Shiyun’s complicated question。
“No la,I’m just talking about things,One thing goes into one thing,Song Junming’s crime is a fact,But it is true that he really loves you,I just elaborate on this fact,Doesn’t mean anything,Don’t think too much,Old sister。”
Liu Xiaoyun comforted Yang Shiyun and said。
“This fact,I know very well in my heart。”
Yang Shiyun hesitated again for a while,And then admitted in a low voice。do not know why,Faced with sister Liu Xiaoyun,Yang Shiyun felt that she didn’t want to hide anything from her。
“Old sister,I know you have been bothered by this recently,You are entangled,Very contradictory,May still blame himself……Although you don’t have the kind of love between men and women for Song Junming,But you can’t escape the friendship between you and his partner for so many years。”
Liu Xiaoyun said carefully,In fact, she is not sure what Yang Shiyun’s true feelings towards Song Junming are.。“Yes……you’re right,Whether I want to admit it or not,Song Junming and I are really good friends,Although I was disgusted with some of his practices,I hate some of his problems,In order to reject his feelings for me,I even did a lot of extremes to him,Excessive
Things,but……But he is still my good friend!I can’t lie without my conscience。”Yang Shiyun put down his defense,Started to tell Liu Xiaoyun his true feelings,She has been suffocated for a long time these days,I don’t know who to talk to,She is also a girl,I also need a partner who can listen to my true heart,Also need someone to help
A good girlfriend who is worried and hurt。“Don’t blame yourself too much about this,After all, this is Song Junming’s choice,He has the right to love you,You also have the right to reject him,This is normal,Very fair thing,He is narrow-minded,Can’t get out of the psychological shock,So did stupid
Things,This responsibility,Is for him to bear it alone,Has nothing to do with you。”
Liu Xiaoyun began to persuade Yang Shiyun。
“But I have always had an idea these days……I always feel like I killed him,If I didn’t do it too much,He may not be where he is today。”
Yang Shiyun said frankly。