Shen Ruoxi started feeding sweet dates to three little girls……


“That’s not necessary,As long as you sisters can meet with us from time to time,Don’t make us feel scared。”
Liu Rushi spoiled a little。
“This little smelly girl,This is picking up our reasons,Chen Hao。”
Shen Ruoxi said to Chen Hao。
“Grace,I think so too。”
Chen Hao exaggerated,She and Shen Ruoxi have always cooperated very tacitly,The cooperation at this moment is nothing at all。
“No no……”
Liu Rushi’s awkward answer,In fact, she really didn’t care,She was just acting like a baby and telling her little grievances in her heart。
“Shall we make up for these three little girls??What do you think of introducing a boyfriend to three of them?”
Shen Ruoxi is about to start teasing Liu Rushi and the three of them,I usually make all kinds of jokes with Murongshan and other best friends,So they have to play the same way with Liu Rushi。
“I think it’s OK。”