“Eh, do you think he will actually enter the school team??”


Hear this,Li Zhiqun couldn’t hold back,Hummed heavily from the nose:“What do you think?You can enter the school team by scoring three goals?How can the varsity team be so good?”
The face of the classmate who was rebutted by Li Zhiqun could not hold his face,Argued:“Everyone scored three goals,Can’t you join the school team??”
“Is it awesome to score three goals??Hu Lai is just lucky!”Speaking of this,Li Zhiqun won’t be angry,The voice is a few degrees higher。“Anyone can score those three goals,What’s so rare!What does it mean to score by luck?Means can’t copy!Can you guarantee that he is so lucky in every game?Goal with luck,You can’t score with bad luck,Goal is the same as hitting the big luck……Which coach would recruit such a person into the school team?Is he confused?!”
Li Qingqing just walked to the door of the classroom,I heard Li Zhiqun’s talk from inside。
She frowned slightly。
The arguer in the classroom,I heard Li Zhiqun say that,No sound。
Because think about it,What Li Zhiqun said makes sense。
Any coach wants his players to have a stable state,Pin all hopes on illusory luck,That’s not something professional coaches can do。
Li Qingqing also silently returned to her seat。
at this time,There was a roaring noise in the corridor outside:“Hu Daxian Hu Daxian!”
“Hu Lai,Are you using all the good luck of your life here?!”
Then Hu Lai’s voice sounded:“What luck?I rely on strength!”
“exactly,Is strength,Is strength,Tell me about the lottery numbers drawn tonight?”
“one two three four five six seven,Buy it!”
Laughter came from outside,In this laughter,Hu Leong heads into the classroom,Then sit down in your seat。