Two people standing,At the time of the veins, I looked at the other side.,Then you have a bite to start eating hot and tempura.,That scene is a sweet crit。


He is thinking,After finding Kiki in the future,If they have a fate,He also wants to do this。
Get the answer to the girl,He took the milk tea on the table and drunk a bite.。
He chooses a brown sugar pearl milk tea.,It is the employee in the store to give him,It’s really good to taste。
Hot syrup,With the cup wall,Flow a beautiful texture on the cup wall,Advanced and beautiful,Fresh feelings,Visual effect is very good。
Drink a bite,Milk、Brown sugar is rich and the softness of pearlsQBomb,You are full of strong scent in the oral cavity。
He is not the first time to drink milk tea,It’s far from the taste of drinking before and this milk.。
The milk tea in the hands of Lan Qiqi doesn’t know how to drink half.,She feels that tonight is very delicious.。
“Han Yuxuan,The taste of this milk tea you bought tonight is very good.,This pearl soft taste is also very good.。”
Blue Qi sucks the straw,Looking at his scorpion in his scorpion。
“I taste it。”
Han Yuxuan leaned over her。
“Ah”Blue Qiqi is not reacted,Behind。
Han Yuxuan pulled out her sucking straw sucking a bite,Her original milk tea,The fragrance of milk tea is very strong,Pearl and soft,Indeed。
This may be what he has drank the best drink.,Sweet in my marrow。
Blue Qiqi:“”She!Han Yuxuan looked at her expression,Laughing some point of her nose。 “How,Don’t like me like this,Still dislike me?”
Han Yuxuan asked,The heart is actually very nervous.,Their relationship is very good,But he has always been very careful to pull two people intimate relationships.。
Lan Qi’s head shakes like a row,“No disappointment,I feel very sweet。”
“I am also。”
Han Yuxuan is not a hard work,He looked at the time,Nine o’clock。
Happy time is really fast。
“Kiki,Let’s watch a movie.?”
Blue Qiqi also looked down at the time,Also,“Line,What do you want to see??”
Han Yuxuan took her back to the room,His bedroom is large,There are also on the wall65Inch4KSuper HD Ultra-thin Artificial intelligent voice control LCD flat-panel TV 。
Han Yuxuan looked at her:“Kiki,You are lying in bed first.,Bed warm and some 。”
Blue 梓qi blinkedly and looked at him.:“Han Yuxuan,There is also a TV outside,Why are you going to your room??”
She suddenly remembered the scene in the cinema,If you see what 暧昧 去,Han Yuxuan can’t help but?
She is traditional,And your beloved man,She is not so confused,But she still wants Han Yuxuan to respect her.。
Han Yuxuan looked at her finally alert.,This is evil smile,I have more time to tease her mind.,“Kiki,What are you thinking??”
“Ah, didn’t want to think??”
Blue Qiqi shook his head quickly,The shame is like being spoiled.,Face gradually gradually roses。