But in fact,I was so scared。


Lin Yu,Also at this moment,Called the police。
People watching around,At first I judged Lin Yu。
But after seeing Lin Yu calling the police,Started to shut up,Because no one knows,who said it,It’s true,who said it,is fake。
“What else to watch,Run?”
The man next to Lin Guanhai,The person who impersonates the driver。
Seeing Lin Yu,Actually called the police。
See this Lin Guanhai,Dare to watch the excitement here。
Come closer,Kick him,Just whispered。
Lin Guanhai who heard this,Point towards Lin Yu,Anger:“you,You kid remember me,Dare to ruin my good deeds,I won’t let you go。”
Finished saying this,And got into the car。
“Still want to run now?”
“You treat this as your home?”
Lin Yu saw this man,Rush back to the car。
Rushed up,Rush to drag this person off the car。
Even my cousin,Dare to lie。