“Do not worry,I’m ready。”


Just waiting for this moment,He won’t make any mistakes。
Mixing is the most complicated part of alchemy,Not tolerate the slightest sloppy,Once it fails,All refined medicinal materials will be destroyed。
The five elements of spiritual energy penetrate the meridians,Quickly make the seal with both hands,Combine the heaven and earth aura to form a five-element array that can hold the medicine cauldron。
When the spiritual power of the five elements merges into the medicine pot,Old Xiao waved his arm,The refined essence is put into the medicine pot,Driven by the golden flame, it slowly turns into a brown colloid。
This is just the first step,Just simply soften all the essence,The next thing to do is to make the medicine continuously penetrate,interaction,Produces the effect of breaking indian pills。
Old Xiao is serious,Eyes opened instantly:“Xia Xiaoyou!”
Xia Chenglong understands,Put your hands directly into the medicine pot,Waiting for the best time,This is the first major issue that needs to be faced,It’s what Xiao Xiao is most worried about。
Almost,No matter how slow,Slower。
Xia Chenglong controls his soul power tightly,Want to make it exactly the same as Xiao Lao’s,Sweat appeared on the forehead unconsciously,Soul control in this extreme state,Not weaker than a battle with a strong man in the Holy Land。
Xia Chenglong’s eyes closed slightly,At the moment when the soul powers of both parties reach a match,Take the flame in the medicine cauldron from Xiao Lao,Reach without a trace of fluctuation。
“Good good,The dragon king is really the dragon king,admire。”
The hardest step to complete,Elder Xiao unconsciously praised loudly。