Ding Yi said:“Find out the material you just mentioned。”


“Ok。”Peng Changyi walked out of the meeting room as he spoke。
After a while,The door of the meeting room was pushed open,Ding Yi thought Peng Changyi was back,Never looked back,Continue to bow my head and write on the notebook。
gradually,She stopped the pen,She seemed to smell a familiar breath,Suddenly raised his head,Knocking his head on one’s chin……
That person is obviously not prepared,The chin was born on top of her head,Just audible“Whoops”Bang,I quickly covered my chin。
This person is not someone else,It is Jiang Fan,He is bowing his head to see what Ding Yi is writing in his book,Never thought,Ding Yi suddenly raised his head,They met head-to-head。
Ding Yi’s face is a little red,She rubbed her head too,Frowning in pain,Look at him strangely。
Jiang Fan rubbed his chin,Laughed,Said:“It hurts?”
Remembering his indifference to himself a few days ago,Ding Yi did not answer,The surprise to see him gradually faded,Lower your eyelashes slowly,Closed the interview book。
Jiang Fan sits opposite her,Smiling at her,not talking。
Didn’t see him talking for a long time,Ding Yi raised his eyes,Just meet his eyes,Hurriedly opened his eyes,Pretending to rub his head。
“Haha。”Jiang Fan smiled again。
Ding Yi pouted and said:“what’s so funny?”