“Listen up everyone,Things are like this;Lili because of her childhood,Suffered a great deal of spiritual damage。She got sick,So after she came back,,I implore everyone to restrain their emotions as much as possible,Because whether it is great joy or great sadness,Will make Lili get irritated and get sick,So you must remember this!”


Qin Liang told everyone the truth,He was forced to do so,He is really worried that Yu’er can’t accept such a big stimulus!
“Can the child’s illness be cured??”
Aunt Zhao asked anxiously。
“Okay aunt,Her disease is actually easy to cure,It’s up to you guys to care about her,Stay with her more,And try not to mention the murder of her parents in front of her,Try not to tell her about the case,Let her emotions not be ups and downs,In this way, her illness will heal slowly。”
Qin Liang patiently told everyone。
“Do you understand??Must remember these!”
Aunt Zhao also turned around and reminded again loudly。
The crowd suddenly agreed……
Besides, Shen Ruoxi’s home。
Shen Ruoxi and Yanzi who received Qin Liang’s call respectively,Bai Daochang,Murong Shan,Chen Hao,Song Min,Du Xiaoyan,Du Shanshan,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun summoned together,Secretly discussing for a long time,Final unanimous decision;Let Liu Xiaoyun convey this to Xiaoyu“Special order”。
The afternoon training was changed to“Train yourself”Up,Liu Xiaoyun pulls Shen Ruoxue,We called Xiao Yuer home together,Murong Xiaoyao naturally followed him back home.。
“Yuer,Just now the superior suddenly came to order,Want us to perform a task together,and……This task is mainly done by you。”
Liu Xiaoyun is so easy,Just open the door and tell Xiao Yuer。