Cause of underweight


Nine major causes of underweight: poor diet, poor appetite or inability to shop, affecting the amount of food.

Insufficient long-term food intake, underweight and underweight cause growth stagnation and underweight.

  Chewing dysfunction teeth can not play the role of crushing, affecting the digestion and absorption of food, and the choice of food can not stop, boots affect appetite.

  Gastrointestinal dysfunction, gastritis, too much or too little, gastric resection will affect the digestion of food and the absorption of some nutrients in the intestine; and the small intestine is responsible for the absorption of various nutrients.

Metabolism produces energy to sustain life. If the function of the intestines is not good, such as diarrhea, constipation, enteritis, etc., it will affect the absorption of nutrients, which often causes the consequences of underweight.

  Endocrine disorders hyperthyroidism, often eat too much but still very weight loss, leading to hyperthyroidism, their basal metabolic rate increased, resulting in excessive consumption.

  Poor eating habits are too slow, partial eclipse leads to insufficient food intake, or eating disorders for reasons of fear of fat, such as anorexia or bulimia, will cause abnormal weight loss.

  Patients with anorexia may have a bias toward cognitive improvement of the body image, or must maintain a slim relationship due to professional relationships, or have pressures related to body fatness and thinness in family and affection, or even a sudden change in life, unable to withstand sudden changes.The pressure that results in a considerable recognition of body and weight.

The patient is extremely fearful of obesity, extremely eager for a slim figure, has a strong desire to lose weight, and this desire is not reduced because the weight has been reduced a lot, so although it is already very thin, it often leads to weight loss.
  The child’s body shape will be affected by the size of the parents. When the parents are normal weight, the chances of the child being thin or obese are not great. However, the acquired environment or eating habits will also change the individual’s body shape, so “genetic” is not a body type.The only determinant.

  Too much activity, so that the consumption of the transition exceeds the cumulative excess, will cause weight loss.

  Excessive work is busy, life is irregular, and people who are worried often affect gastrointestinal function, accelerate gastric emptying and intestinal peristalsis, and even affect endocrine function, so that the digestion and absorption of food is reduced, thus affecting normal weight.