Prelude-newborn Chapter Ninety Six Fight black wind again(nine)


“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”
“Tutu tutu!Tutu tutu!”
There was a gunshot not far away,The King of Heifengshan leads the team to force the defense of the Huacao team,Since there are only three defenders,Feng Xichuan、Zhang Song、Zhao Ping has been injured in varying degrees,Lost a lot of blood。
“How are you?”Shunzi cares about Tao。
“Nothing!Withstand,Fortunately, a lot of therapeutic drugs were searched at the beginning!”Feng Xichuan replied。
“Master,Your health is only30many,Let me give you some medicine?”Zhang Song shouted while firing。
“No need to,Now is not the time,As long as you keep it,We are safe!”Lu Yi rejected Zhang Song’s kindness。
“Great God,Have you noticed,The atmosphere is different?The opponent’s sniper seems to shift,No longer actively want to kill us?”Shunzi tells her feelings。
“That’s not easy,It seems that the other party is not simple……Ok,Only use the third set of passwords……”
“what?!There is a third set of passwords?”Shunzi was surprised。
“You shout the probe direction,I shouted whether to shoot……It’s okay even if it’s wrong,As long as the action is fast!”
“What do you mean?The two of us don’t know the complete password?How to fight?”Straight is very puzzled。
“What you want is this effect,We disrupt our behavioral logic,Enough for the opponent’s sniper to guess again……”Lu Yi explained。
Straight,A science student,Do not learn digital logic well,Have to come to play games,It’s fine now,The third slogan comes out,Have to think about life。