They have lived in this lair for a long time,Except oneself,Never saw an outsider again。


Of course except this lady,She accidentally ran into two of the robbers going out to work,I got it back by piggybacking and coaxing,But the boss of this group has strict orders,Without his permission,No one is allowed to be female,So she was not ruined by these people。
The reason why this group didn’t kill her,It’s just because she would never escape from here,If you keep her, you can still make fun of her,She is really lucky to live till now。
But being killed is for her,Sooner or later。
It’s much easier to hunt down these bastards in this robber’s nest than in a bank building.,This is what Qin Liang never expected。
In a blink of an eye,Eight people have fallen under Qin Liang’s gun,It’s really wrong to say that these people died,Without any precautions,I was killed by Qin Lianghu like a sheep。
If it’s ten people,Then there are the last two,The lady just said,The door of the boss’s room is always guarded by two people。
Qin Liang calmly replenishes the bullet,Then I walked towards the boss’ bedroom,Although in the robber’s lair,But at this moment, Qin Liang is walking like a stroll in his own garden.。
This is fate!
Like you can never imagine,When you wake up one day on that loose and comfortable bed in your house, open your eyes,But I saw a variegated tiger lying in front of you with its mouth open, ready to eat you。
Capsize in the gutter,This sentence is the true portrayal of this gang of robbers,In an unexpected place,Without any precautions,Encounter a world’s top commando killer,So today,dead;It became their destined ending。
“Who are you kid?”
Seeing Qin Liang walking slowly to his side,A guard at the bedroom door asked in surprise。
He has been in this place for a year,He is familiar with everyone here,But he has never seen the person in front of him。
But ask,He didn’t even raise the gun in his hand,Who would have thought of an enemy in his own home??
“You don’t know me?”
Qin Liang answered with a smile,He didn’t shoot right away because;There should be two people at the door,Why there is only one now,Where is the other one?