He is ready!


She is nervous,Said with a trembling voice:“Can’t,Can’t。”
Seeing her nervous,He stared and snarled:“Nothing can’t!Now it can’t be too late!”
Yes,late,In his prime,No power can stop myself from possessing her now。What identity?What future?All go to hell!He wants to be a man,Be a real man!
She knows that once something happens,Can’t stop,But she doesn’t have much power to stop things from happening at this time,Her consciousness drifted away from her body,I swam to nowhere……
First44chapter Together
There are beads of sweat on his head,Face the beloved woman,On the road together……
Although she has been married for two years,But still show insufficient experience in this area,He already felt this,A burst of joy in my heart。She is more nervous than him,They all know that each other is restraining and suppressing,Sense and emotion are fighting,He must give her strength。then,He kissed her again。
Yes,She knows his heart,Since the day his car blocked her garage,In the dark,She and him have some kind of acquiescence,He is so admired by her,That’s what makes her heart touched and sad,She never expected the glimpses of her school days and the small notes she accidentally wrote,It’s like an invisible thread that ties them together,Let them meet thousands of miles away,Ordinarily this touch should have fulfilled them long ago,but,But ah,Facing what is about to happen,She’s still a little at a loss。She said incoherently with a cry:
“but,I don’t know if I can,I……Don’t know……”She is telling the truth,She doesn’t know what to do,I don’t know what to do in the future,Reason makes her turn away from her body,Feelings make her loyal to her body,She feels like she’s going to be crushed。
“We want to love!Love forever!”A sudden low growl,His body and mind sank into a wonderful realm,Like raindrops outside,Fuse heaven and earth together。Officialdom,Almost siphoned all his emotions,Imprisoned his spiritual home,Make him afraid to love、Dare not hate、Not dare to cross the thunder pond,Even if you stay away from your family, you can’t do anything against ethics,So they can only lock their own emotional door,Give yourself to work,He is at the age of Fang Gang,Already numb,He has never been so strong and so infiltrating love。
Many years later,He often thinks of today,The feeling of ecstasy,The feeling of wanting to be destroyed in an instant,I haven’t seen Luo Ting before,There will never be。