Yang Zhi said with regret。


“This is simple,I’ll talk to Xiaoxue,Just say that Yang Zhi wants a picture of you on his bedside,Worship like his goddess。”
Qin Liang said deliberately。
“That won’t work……She probably won’t give it to me。”
I didn’t expect Yang Zhi to take Qin Liang’s words seriously。
Qin Liang looked at Yang Zhi and thought about it,I sighed silently,Reached out and took out his mobile phone,Shen Ruoxue’s photos I saved,I chose the most beautiful,Sent it to Yang Zhi’s phone。
“I rely on,what’s the situation?How can someone send me a message?”
Yang Zhi heard the alert tone of his mobile phone,Surprised,Then take out the phone and take a look,It was actually sent by Qin Liang,He opened it,It’s actually a photo of Shen Ruoxue。
“I rely on!Thank you boss!thank you so much!The big problem can be solved now!”
Yang Zhi immediately laughed from ear to ear and said loudly。
“Sent to you so you can solve the pain of lovesickness,Don’t fucking sell me!I can tell you,If you let Xiaoxue know,I can say that you secretly took my phone and sent it to you。”
Qin Liang finished,I can’t help but smile。
“That can’t!How could I betray you boss,Do not worry,My mouth is strict,I won’t betray my comrades if I kill you。”
Yang Zhi immediately promised。
“I don’t think so,Xiaoxue doesn’t need to hit you,She stood in front of you with a cold face,Ask,I suppose you fucking even had to confess when you peeked at girls in bathing。”
Qin Liang also started talking nonsense。
“I rely on!Boss, what are you talking about?When did I peek at a girl taking a shower??Don’t talk nonsense!If this is to let Xiaoxue know,How damn I have to die!”
Yang Zhi yelled immediately……