Hold the weight to host Dong Qing to lose weight to the Spring Festival Evening



Hold the weight to host Dong Qing to lose weight to the Spring Festival Evening

As a host who has a weight-lifting part in CCTV, she is busy every day, but while she is busy, she never notices the maintenance of her body.

Most of the healthy diet and living habits determine her good body, some eat less, drink more water, regular work and so on.

So, from now on, you want to have the same slim figure as her, you can try to do the following: 1.

Correct treatment of weight changes In the process of weight loss, people often make the mistake of maintaining a close relationship with the scale.

Changes in mood caused by weighing have no effect on adjusting dietary habits and achieving healthy weight loss.

“Bad” weighing results can cause you to worry and frustration; and “good” weighing results can lead you to forget.

Don’t over-trust the scale, don’t put too much emotion into a simple reading.

Weight loss should be a process of enjoying the gradual beauty, and should not be both physically and mentally injured.


Correctly facing the pressure Now the pace of life is getting faster and faster, we have to take too many things to consider, family, work makes us too much responsibility and obligation.

Pressure from all sides can sometimes make us breathless.

Women like to use food to alleviate this pressure.

This kind of negative venting is often counterproductive. Instead of solving the underlying problem, you can let yourself eat the food that makes you fat.

銆€銆€Learning to better control your own psychology will not only reduce the frequency and intensity of this emotion, but then reduce your chances of returning to excessive diet, overeating, and other old self-destructive patterns that are not conducive to weight control.

You will be amazed at how regular, calm and fulfilling your life is.


Three meals are normal. If your body is not slim enough, or a little blessed, are you eating too much?

Moderate, tasteful life will not be dragged down by diet.

Enjoy every meal in a healthy life and be restrained while enjoying a delicious meal.

Basically, three meals a day, the breakfast must be less, lunch and dinner, regardless of food quality, you must eat eight full.

銆€銆€Eat on time, make a reasonable meal, and ensure a balanced diet every day, so that our body is always in a higher state of operation.

Exercise is also a compulsory course of life, it makes you full of energy, whether it is family, work, or yourself, you can cope with it.


Appropriate choice of food Although Dong Qing often appears on TV and other public occasions, she has never tried to diet and lose weight. Women themselves should be based on health care. After 30 years old, they should pay attention.

銆€銆€But I don’t know when we started, we all became dieteticists.

Food helps us to meet, be happy, relax, and stop crying.

When you are happy or nervous, it is natural to grab something to put in your mouth. This often leads to overeating and not what the body needs.

銆€銆€In fact, it is wrong to eat it indiscriminately.

If it is really difficult to resist the temptation, then look for some low-level food instead, a variety of fruit.

They are not as unpalatable as you think, and they feel relaxed and can add extra vitamins. Why not?

銆€銆€Dong Qing’s slimming method is really not much, but looking at her figure, I know that these methods are all essential.