Supplement beauty loofah with roses can freckle


Supplement beauty loofah with roses can freckle

The summer heat is slowly fading.

After a summer’s sun exposure, fair-skinned people are particularly prone to dark spots, which annoys women who love beauty.


hzh {display: none; }  中医认为,黄褐斑、雀斑多由平素性情忧思抑郁、脾气不足、虚热郁结不散而引起。Therefore, conditioning should be based on the principle of Shuganjianpi, nourishing the kidney and heat, regulating qi and blood.

The most important thing is to always keep a happy mood and open mind.

In terms of diet, avoid fried spicy and irritating products, so as not to help the fire hurt the yin and aggravate the symptoms.

Tomatoes, papaya and other melon fruits are rich in pectin, which can reduce skin pigmentation, do not prevent eating more daily, but also eat some pollen, lemon, white fungus, bird’s nest and other nourishing supplements.

  A kind of “Qingshu beauty drink” in folk food therapy can diminish facial freckles.

The materials are watermelon rind, fungus and mother-of-pearl.

After the three materials are boiled for about an hour, the soup is filtered out and mixed with sugar to place. It is suitable for dying of the face after summer fatigue and facial pigmentation.

  Many herbal teas on the market also have moisturizing and beauty effects, such as rose tea and chrysanthemum tea.

Using roses, chrysanthemums, and lean soup with loofah, red dates, and white poria, it has the effect of delighting the skin, and it is very helpful for reducing the appearance of freckles, melasma and butterfly spots.

  Loofah Beauty Soup Ingredients: Loofah two, rose, chrysanthemum, white Poria, three dollars each, ten red dates (coreless), six lean meats, seasoning amount.

  Method: Peel the hard peel and cut into pieces; roses, chrysanthemums, and white Poria are dipped in water; slice the lean meat; first, lean the meat, red dates, white Poria, and loofah and boil for about an hour, and finally add the rose, chrysanthemum andCondiments are ready to cook for a short while.

  Therapeutic effect: anti-wrinkle anti-inflammatory, beauty spots.

  Tremella cherry tincture material: two Tremella fuciformis, two or two cherries, moderate sugar.

  Method: tremella is soaked in water; the cherries are washed and pitted; the tremella is first boiled for half an hour, put in rock sugar and dissolved, and finally the cherries are added.

  Therapeutic effect: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, whitening and tender skin.