“Is this this?!”Lin Feng nodded。


“Communication high natural commission high benefits,Dark City reputation is absolutely no problem,People who have lost this here,No one dares payment,Otherwise, if it is else in other places,Maybe it is reversed。”Perfugz whispering。
“This is also,Take peace of mind。”Lin Fengxin sighed a gap,He is naturally not too expensive to commission,If it is in other places today,Maybe there is a fight。
“All right,Since everyone is allocated,Now solve the rest of the thing,Mr. Jintai,I hope you abide by the rules.,Otherwise, you know the end of the rules of the dark city。”Black man faint road,Tone of the tone is unquestionable。
“I am Jintai God is willing to gamble!”Jintai Temperature is serious。
“it is good,very good,You will go to the sun’s crater with me now.。”Black man faint road。
Lin Feng,Jin Tai Emperor and others heard a little bit,Immediately after the black people。
Black man reaches hand, refers to the faint road in the north.:“open!”
Silent,One golden door opens,A helicopter is parked in voids outside of dozens of meters.,Cabinet door open,Black people’s figure directly,Entered the helicopter,Followed by Lin Feng,Tang Dynasty,The figure of Pelipitz and other people also flying out,Entering the helicopter。
Everyone has entered,Helicopical planes,I fly into the distant sky.。
On the plane, Jin Tiecha is directly contacted with Park Zhengni and others.,Let Park, the people who are waiting for the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce, all from the nearby volcanic.。
The sun volcano is the most dangerous volcano in South America.,Contains terrible poor,Because it is also called the people of South America to open to hell.,Entering must be dead。
Even if the strong people of the five poisonous people enter into the inside, we must be careful.,So I came here to find a great power for a big force, and some army giants have developed a gas mask.,Take this to defense this poison。
Sun volcano surrounded by big trees,Gumuson,http://www.ozmilk.cnAt this moment, a group of people in the eastern part of the crater.,The first few people are the beautiful and golden guns and others.。
These people are around these people against three helicopters,Surrounding a group of people around the helicopter,Strictly prevent someone。
“What is the meaning of the Thaizhen??”Park Zhengzhi is serious:“Why stop chasing those people in China,Why stop biochemical test,Our biochemical experiments have been a very critical point.,Can’t be failed,These Chinese people are very powerful,It is experimentation。”
“I do not know either。”Golden big gun shakes the head:“This does not comply with the character of the Taili.,Big people can not look down on the Chinese people,Huaxia people are like a pig in his eyes.!”
NS360chapter Be unwilling to steal
“It is very likely that Jin Taizhen and http://www.kabmaster.cn the Chinese people have a trading.,Jin Tai Emperor is a generation of world big brothers,What to do is not what we can speculate。”And the two men who have two shoulders。
This man is wearing a white windbreaker,The body is not very high,Tied up a belt on the head,Play a round of gossip in the belt。
This person is extremely cold,Sparkling cold light。
This person is not someone else is a half-step stronger of this team leader.,Gold and silver。
“Humph!”Park Zhengui snorted:“Too cheap these Chinese people。”
“I still have a way。”Park Ji Men’s Wine Test:“The code of our empire study is002Biochemical virus into their body,This virus once,Let them become a biochemical person,Even the poison on them can also be transmitted to others。”
“002Biochemical virus?I am afraid these people will die.,No more than three days!”Golden big guns and gold and silver strong have shiny。
“good,It is this biochemical virus,Originally our trial is a low-level biochemical virus,Now use this code002Biochemical virus,Inject them into them,They will completely attack three days,Post-death,But the three days before the death can be infected with this virus to others.!”
“Zheng Nanjun,You are really a noble policy,good,Once infected,Huaxia will have a small chaos,Take a look at the Chinese people。”Gold and silver and gold big guns have appreciated,This is actually thinking about it.,Just have no time to ask。
“it is good,I didn’t come.,We now give these people to biochemical viruses now.。”Park Ji Men’s Wine Test:“Those bodies are not available,Small effect,That three live people。”
“it is good,it is good!”Golden big guns and gold and silver strong。
“Bring the three humble people。”Park Zheng male。
“Yes!”Two masters in the distance,I immediately walked up the helicopter,Three men have been taken from the helicopter,These three men are full of blood,With edema,Life is very weak。
With strong will to support the present。
This is not someone else,It is Lin Ao,Xiao Yun,Three people,The original three people and other Qinglong Chamber of Commerce jumped after the linen,Continue to suffer from the gods of the gods,The result is dead.。
Lin proud,Xiao Yun,The three people were caught,But good, there is a person who escaped.。