The two are the most hugged。


Especially Yang Shu,Man must be embarrassed to hug,Can only squat down,Say a few words to her。
Women don’t care,Hug directly,One bite“Dearx”、“darling”,Still crying with tears。
After getting it,Zhu Mei is scared of them,Let Yang Shu only appear in the first morning and the first afternoon,The rest of the time, all go back to the hotel to rest,This saves Yang Shu from suffering。
《Gift in Room 7》At this time, it has already changed from one cinema on the first day to two,Rao is so,Also full every day。
Even far from Switzerland、Spain and other countries specially came to see《Gift in Room 7》Audience。
Surveys by some rating agencies indicate,《Gift in Room 7》The average rating is9.8Minute,This is a very, very high score。
The score is much higher than the masterpiece of Hao He,And the movie of Old Man Hao He,But the Golden Lion Award!
Just follow such strong feedback,《Gift in Room 7》This time there is a high probability of winning a grand prize,Even the supreme Golden Lion Award。
Otherwise, so many viewers would not agree。
The wealthy Shanhai Net not only has ferocious propaganda in Venice,They also put《Gift in Room 7》Participate in the live video of the Venice Film Festival to produce an album,Play on Shanhai Online。
How about the Internet platform is the platform closest to civilians??
Basically as long as you don’t violate the rules,I can put everything。
Around this kind of international film festival、Exploration of the major crews、And every day《Gift in Room 7》Everyday……If these are broadcast on TV,At best, three or five days of material are combined into three minutes to play,It’s amazing。
But is different,There are hundreds of videos coming out every day,Whatever you want。
There are many people who like this kind of international film festival in China,like《Gift in Room 7》More people,Look forward to《Gift in Room 7》There are many people who can win the championship。
They follow the video,Send the video to each circle of friends、Go above meager,It also caused a lot of heat。