The projection room of Nancheng TV Station at this moment,The spotlight suddenly lit up。
Host debut,Just in case,There is also a Bluetooth walkie-talkie on the ear,Peng Huan is connected on the other side,If there is something wrong in the show,Shaohui Peng told him what he should say right away。
After playing,The host also gave Lin Zhicheng a pair of eyes,Just this detail,No one cares。
“Good afternoon, everyone,Welcome to the family emotional program on Nancheng TV《True love》,I’m Xiaoguo, the host。”
now,Most of the TV signal equipment in Nancheng is broadcasting this program,This is also arranged by Peng Huan,Broadcast this program to many areas in Nancheng。
Even mall、TV screen in the bathhouse,Also playing this。
“Well known,Family affection is an extremely important thing in a person’s life,Cannot be measured by money,Whether it is a poor family,Still a wealthy family,All so,These two beside me now,Is a family from Nancheng,Two of the Lin Family,Lin Zhicheng,Lin Dexuan,Everyone applause welcome。”
The audience applauded,And Lin Zhicheng pretended to be worried,Sullen look。
“Next,Let us listen patiently to Mr. Lin Zhicheng,What happened in the Lin family。”
The spotlight suddenly hit Lin Zhicheng from the host,The whole stage is slightly dark,Only Lin Zhicheng and Lin Dexuan are particularly dazzling。
moment,Lin Zhicheng raised his almost disabled arm,I tore the gauze off my face,Blue and purple face,Still swelling,Shocking to see!
Lin Zhicheng deserves to be around for many years,The acting is still very realistic。
Lin Zhicheng’s expression under the gauze,With infinite anger,Helpless,Unwilling……
“in fact,These words,I don’t want to say it。”
There were almost tears in the corner of Lin Zhicheng’s eyes。