“Brother,This this this,Why is martial arts so expensive??”Du Jueming’s shocked chin almost dropped。


Su Xinghe has a calm face,“This is not our limitation,But the limit of heaven,Won’t let you learn too much martial arts from the beginning。”
Du Jueming asked embarrassedly again,“Is our martial arts the only two high-level martial arts??”
Su Xinghe glared at Du Jueming,“You kid,Don’t get cheap and sell well,Don’t you know what internal strength you learned??Also want to learn other internal skills?Let’s talk more,This moon shadow step is also the light exercise of this school,My martial arts,There are only these two skills。”
Du Jueming was shocked:“what?Isn’t Moon Shadow Step Lingjiu Palace martial arts??Why has it become our martial arts?”
“Do you know who the lord of the Lingjiu Palace is??”
Du Jueming shook his head,“Don’t know。”
Su Xinghe said something neither salty nor indifferent,“Tianshan Tongmao, the lord of Lingjiu Palace, is our second generation disciple of Xiaoyao School,But some changes happened later,Just established Lingjiu Palace。”
Du Jueming suddenly realized,Oh。
Su Xinghe immediately said:“Junior brother, have you chosen?,What kung fu to learn?”
Du Jueming checked his sect contribution and cultivation points,Reached out and chose a few doors。
【system hint:You learned to climb the palm。】
【system hint:You learned the Heavenly Feather Sword。】
【system hint:You learned the Tao。】
【system hint:You learned。】
【system hint:You learned medicine。】