So he hugged Hu Lai hard,Slapping his back vigorously:“Nice job,Hu Lai!One shot into the soul!”


Hu Lai smiled and responded to his compliment:“It’s the right time for you,Lao Guo!”
The two finally entered the normal rhythm of celebration……
Other teammates rushed up,Drown them。
Yan Yan bowed to the middle-aged uncle next to him:“Thanks boss!”
The middle-aged uncle retracted his gaze to look at the projection screen,Shook his head,With a helpless smile:“Fine,It’s unhappy not to spend this money,In fact, this money should have been paid during the last Sino-Korea war……”
Then he looked at Yan Yan:“Your kid is really confident in Hu Lai,I don’t think the closest person around him can do yours。”
Yan Yan smiled:“Uncle,I am watching Hu Lai from a rookie who knows nothing,How to grow at an unbelievable speed——Three and a half years ago,He was still on the school team and couldn’t even play a game,Now he has worn the Chinese team jersey and scored goals against South Korea and Japan.。So I have already figured it out,Mortals cannot use themselves as a reference,Guess the genius。Hulai,Such a genius。”
The middle-aged uncle heard Yan Yan say that,Also quite emotional:“Listen to you,I can suddenly understand why our country has a campus football league。Not to train how many people like Hu Lai,Hu Lai cannot be cultivated。But only for the emergence of geniuses,Provide suitable soil and stage……”
“That’s what I mean,Uncle。I am an ordinary person,Average talent,I can’t play professional football,So i came to college。But people like Huleroke,They are better than me。If there is no campus league,They may not know in their entire life that they can actually play professional football。”
Uncle looked at Hu Lai’s former teammate,Raised the bottle and said to him:“Jing Hu Lai。”
“Jing Hu Lai!”
After the game restarts,Hu Lai seems to want to experience what it feels like to use physical strength to suppress defensive players,So frequently attacked Morikawa Junpei。
When he was competing with Junpei Morikawa once,After knocking the opponent directly to the ground to complete the header,Sato Mitsuichi had no choice but to replace Morikawa Junpei。