If you have passed 20 but less than 25


If you have passed 20 but less than 25

I never thought that education was important. Geniuses are not science classes, but they are not science classes.

You must gradually transform those floating thoughts into clear thoughts and simple words.

Beauty and levitation do not last long.

You need to know that what gives the text reading pleasure is not enough. Content, thought, realm, soul, spirit and wisdom are all important.

Don’t look at the texts of women writers who are on your way.

Don’t be trivial and moan without illness.

Do not write down everything you think of.

Don’t linger on small sentiments and small touches.

  I want you to believe in these old words of warmth, beauty, trust, dignity, and strength.

I don’t want you to be decadent, empty, confused, abuse yourself and hurt others.

I don’t want you to mess with yourself.

Control your feelings and cherish it, knowing that this kind of feeling is not something anyone can ask for.

Experiencing life is another matter and does not mean degeneration and indulgence.

do not agree with pretentious cool and extreme behaviors.

They are excuses for people to find nothing to do, and the real cool is the inner heart.

you will need to have a strong heart.

We must have the conviction that we will not torture and yield to the passage of time.

It wasn’t because I was in the ivory tower of the school that I said the words I love the world. It was because I knew it was dark, dirty, and ugly.

Love and live.

the youth is so short, do not grunt on being old.

You can stop and rest occasionally, but don’t squat down and look around.

Don’t look back when you have walked one way.

Ask yourself from time to time, what are you doing?

  When you are sad and wronged, you should cry.

After crying and washing your face, pat your face, stretch out a smile and show it to yourself.

Do not rub, otherwise your eyes will become swollen the next morning.

  Give yourself a great future and goals.

Remember often looking up at the sky.

Remember to look under your feet as you look up at the sky.

  Any time anyone asks you how many times you have been in love, the answer is twice.

Once he loved me, I didn’t love him.

Once I loved him, he didn’t love me.

Good love is always next time.

Don’t give the same person a chance to hurt you twice.

  Don’t associate with prodigal sons and literary youths, don’t spend time with people who have no heart or lungs, and don’t spend time with people who don’t have a proper career.

  Don’t take the cheap as true love.

Don’t be touched by yourself when you practice yourself to please you.

A man’s cigarette butt is hot on him, and the next one may be hot on you.Similarly, when this woman’s blade cuts her wrist, she may cut your next time.

  Don’t believe a man who is not going to introduce you to his circle of friends.

When a woman is only willing to call you “baby”, insist on her calling your name because you are a man.

When a man or woman no longer comes to you, stop looking for him or her.

Don’t believe in people who use means in love.

Do not break your mouth when you break up.

Learn the lesson, but do not regret it.

Regrets are useless.

  Don’t do things like tearing photos, burning letters, or diaries.

believe in love.

I believe that good men and women still exist, are not married, and are still looking for you in the vast crowd.

Don’t say “men (or women) don’t have a good thing”, this will make others mistake you for countless people.

  Love material, properly.

Always know that mind is over the body.

Compared with those famous watches, brands, and fashion, you are more diligent and energetic.

If every penny you spend after the age of 20 is still reaching out to your parents, your brand name can only set off your shamelessness.

Do n’t think that you have taste in putting on a famous brand. You must know that if there is no real connotation, a mule with a golden saddle will not become a steed.

You are still young, let alone start your career and create your future, but you have grown up, at least you should no longer be a burden on your parents, so that parents see the hope of 20 years of hard work.

Doing nothing will only turn you into a waste, a waste despised by everyone else, because you are an outright parasite.

Do n’t think that weird hairstyles, clothes that are not male or female, and pungent perfume will be targeted at you. You must understand that the eye that attracts people is looking at a different monkey.

Many educated people’s antipathy to your alternatives is not written on the shell, but this antipathy certainly does have extremely adverse consequences for you.

  Don’t look down on working people.

Don’t be ashamed of labor.

The land is not dirty, and the sweat does not smell bad.

Please respect those who seem to be inferior to you, but still use their hands to earnestly support their families, because this is to respect themselves.

Always be sympathetic to those who live in fullness, because our loved ones are in these people.

We are not delicate.

We must be able to support ourselves, and this is where your dignity lies.

  Don’t underestimate a penny.

You might as well struggle to see for yourself.

Being a man is sometimes tougher. When you are bullied, you must ask for it!

But don’t remember to hate.

The villain’s opinion, let them go.

Principled tolerance and mercy become your nobility.

  When hurt by a friend, don’t doubt friendship, but beware of those who betray you.

forgive, but not forget.

Be innocent and childlike, and keep some chivalrous feelings to your friends.

Be happy, be cheerful, be tough, and be warm.

It has nothing to do with character.

But you must be loyal, diligent, and sincerely respect others so that your life will not be dark.