“Iron forest,Japanese are not all bad people,There are also anti-war people,Besides, how do you know that he is a true devil。”


“Your meaning, long-awaited, is a counter-war person?”
“I do not know about this,Anyway, I know if you don’t have him and Miss Liu http://www.vodafone-csc.cn won’t be so smoothly.,If he doesn’t have he and Tian Dan may die early in the devil.。”Xu Tian said,
“Brother,You have long soon not to kill the pool, and it is this reason.。”
“Iron forest,We are now organized people,Don’t act reckless in the future,This time, is it, I will come back in time?,You are likely to be found.。”
I said that I have said that Tielin is sensible.:“I remember,I have listened to you everything in the future.。”
“Is listening to organization arrangements!”
Xu Tian said that he has a dark road:“You will help us,Can I help you??”
Director of the Secret Committee
The Minglou is also placed in a series of work.,It looks good today.,The red rose talking, the words and wolf and Wang Manchun are removed.,Especially when Wang Manchun is very dead.,This woman is almost a madman.,She is also a pity of Minglou,Perhaps she has such a responsibility.。
“Big brother,Killing Wang Manchun should be a platform。”Sincerely, now I have figured out what happened.,
“Do you have discovered that a game is not so sharp??”Minglou smiled and asked,
“It seems to be a little change in a few days.。”
“He is going to the contingent to stay for a few days.,It seems that it is hit.。”Minglou said that it is gratifying,He hopes to see the schedule can mature。
“He can also be hit?”
“Only when you encounter a lot of talents, you can make him honest.。”
“This development is really powerful,I killed so many pseudorant officers before and after the Ching Ming Festival,Blackberry kills new Shanghai mayor,Wang Jingwei and Zhou Zhaohai should not sleep.。”
“This Qi Lianna is very stable.,Do not move,This move will kill a mayor.。”Minglou admire,
“Qi Lunna does not know http://www.haiwaijiu.cn our existence,I think she should be wondering now.。”
“There have been so many things in Shanghai recently,She should know that there are other people in addition to Shanghai.,So she will take care carefully.,I don’t want to destroy the affected others.。”
“You find a chance to inform her.,Let her let her go door,She is the first female killer in the boss,Continue to the Japanese and Wang Puppet Government in the case of ensuring your own safety。”
Shanghai Station secret base
“Webmaster,Director, Director of the Seventy-six Intelligence, should be killed by people。”Qi Lianna’s hand, the female military specialist said,
“No matter how dead,Well-dressed,If she is not dead, it is also our assassination goal.。”Qi Lianna said,
“Webmaster,The above dispatched people have arrived,All is a woman!”Rhetoric,
http://www.sztcpzcwvrssxx.cn “What happened to a woman??Do we not be a woman?!”
“I don’t do anything else in the webmaster.,It is some suspect that they can compete for this action.。”
“Take me to see them!”
Qi Lianna this task is to cooperate with the Ministry of Military Order,Find and assist in bombing the devil in a secret bacteria weapon for the suburbs of Shanghai。
See the five beauty Qi Dai self-introduction:“Hello,I am from the leader of the military Shanghai station Qi Lunna。”
The eyebrows said with a smart and practiced beauty.:“Hello,I am the captain Xue Min.!”