“Wait,almost。”Sheng Zegang waved his sister not to disturb him to watch the fun。Li Zhiyuan on the side has been watching,He doesn’t know what to say anymore。


Landwind who is not strict with words and deeds,This ugly lawyer Zheng obviously doesn’t want to give face,While refuting the loopholes in Lu Feng’s words,While still making invisible cynicism,Although I didn’t say a word,That meaning is basically the same as the second generation ancestor who was pointed at the nose and said it was narrow-eyed,This made Lu Feng extremely angry,Although he didn’t earn the family’s inheritance,,But you can’t frame him for nothing!
Before Landwind retorted,Lawyer Zheng raised his eyes again,“Compared with Japan and South Korea, there is an instinctive sense of superiority,The obvious gap with Europe and the United States is justified,This is exactly‘servility’True manifestation of。”
Lu Feng, who was trampled on his sore feet, completely tore off his gentle mask,Jump on the table,Frustrated, he angrily wants to fight this stick!
see that,This is the end of an attempt to freely debate with a lawyer。
Everyone here has realized a truth,Never dispute theoretical issues with lawyers。
Jump on the table with the land breeze,Stand up while following,Finally open!The representatives of the two silk merchants had been irritated to no reaction,Pay attention to the table,Ready to help。
The meeting host Sheng San vigorously patted the table in time,“End of free debate,I suggest that some people adjust their emotions during the intermission,By the way, the development of the sea from the ocean and the anti-Japanese、Suppress Han’s dissatisfaction,By the way, return our thinking from the military gap between China and the United States in maritime control to the original issue of this conference on increasing the added value of silk.。”
Correct ,Off topic,It’s already a serious deviation。The mixed land breeze directly transferred the original topic of silk technology innovation into the disputes between the world economic market and the international maritime military.,Looking at Lu Feng with his eyes hot and gasping,Fang Yourong, who doesn’t know much about ocean-going ships and aircraft carriers and didn’t participate in the debate, sympathizes with the second hero who was almost mad by Lawyer Zheng。
Landwind jumped off the table,Sit down and take a break,Other people who are ready to pull the frame at any time also return to their places one after another。Sit down and drink,Intermission。
As the people who stood up and prepared to pull the frame blocked their vision,Sheng Zegang and his sister who also stood up to watch the excitement were very sorry,I couldn’t fight。The regretful muttering of the siblings made Li Zhiyuan speechless, who was nervously watching the situation there.。
The quarrel here made the Filipino maid who came upstairs carrying tea and snacks quite uneasy,Sheng Zegang’s sister hurried over to take the refreshment,She is very interested in the lawyer Zheng who understates and speaks harsh words,I don’t know if he is handsome,She brings refreshments to the conference table,Close look,This lawyer Zheng is a standard handsome guy,She is satisfied。
Beauty current,Men adjust their emotions,Organize the placket,Show off a friendly smile,harmonious,Harmony first。
After the intermission,The serious meeting host Sheng San used the privilege to directly deprive the meeting observer Lu Feng of the right to speak,The reason is:Center economic issues、Those who are deviated from the US military power at sea are not qualified to speak。By the way, I also warned Fang Yourong, who used Infernal Affairs to interfere with the meeting process.。
not bad,Fortunately, this meeting has a very sensible meeting host,Immediately,Xu Yi and Zheng Lawyer without interference,Immediately reach the middle course that has been closed before,Do business now,Everyone is not idler who has time to chat。A new round of issues is ready to begin。
Finally paid attention,The two silk merchants are grateful to the host of the meeting who has kept his sanity,Now they can finally expect this meeting。
First of all, I am grateful to friends from different industries for their analysis of the silk industry,The theory of wanting to form a complete industrial chain in this industry is correct,It is an extremely unrealistic assumption in reality。Leaving aside the controversial links that require their own regulation,Is it a cooperation or a joint venture,In what proportion,These need not be arguments,They frankly,This cannot in theory lead to an effective agreement。
Raise hand,Principal Zhang, who has been laughing and watching, asked to speak。To Principal Zhang, who never confuses others’ opinions,Everyone paid great attention,In a noisy meeting place,This is the mainstay。
“I think you two misunderstood something。”He asked two silk merchants who were quite embarrassed to relax,“Zheng Tingxuan and these two debates,Just express some personal views on the market economy,No one represents but their own opinions。”Principal Zhang haha smiled,“We just want to open a back door,It’s just to build a stage for possible cooperation with friends who are familiar with each other,Just like the one before‘the scientist’Said,Perform their duties,In business operations,Whether cooperative or non-cooperative,Or what kind of image to achieve,That’s where you need to consider,This is not what we should be involved in。”
Yes,President Zhang and Fang Yourong originally wanted to find a suitable silk merchant to invest in scientific research funds. In addition to supervision, they must pay researchers a certain amount of scientific research bonus.,They never thought about what they want from the beginning。Fang You, who has long forgotten this theme, can regret his immaturity。No wonder Principal Zhang has been laughing leisurely and watching the noise,It turns out that he is really watching the fun,This is the general demeanor。