“I have my own thinking and judgment,Currently,I temporarily choose to keep。”Fang Yourong chooses to temporarily give up inquiry and inquiry,This is not to be indifferent to the facts before us,It’s not that he indulged in Sheng Zegang’s tenderness,It’s not just blindly skeptical of this person’s words.,He has his own considerations,He Sheng Zegang has met so far,Except for the fact that they will disappear from time to time,,Sheng Zegang’s credit has never been overdrawn。


Want him to be convinced that someone who has never overdrawn credit is a scum,This is a bit difficult。
Looking at Fang Yourong,He sneered and laughed:“Are you a part-timer,Don’t say such sly words,Thinking?judgment?who do you think You Are?”
“I,It’s me。”Fang Yourong is polite:“The porridge is a bit cold,Let me change a bowl for you。”
“Since you are so persistent,Then I don’t want to say more,Don’t blame me for not reminding you,I’m waiting to see your fate。After love,Sheng Zegang never extended a helping hand to his former lover。”No more words,He got up and left,Took away all the photos on the table at the same time。
Picking snacks,Fang Yourong can’t eat it,Being indifferent to some of the facts reflected in the old photos just before him is an overestimation of his cultivation,But he was asked to challenge the argument for Sheng Zegang’s absurd behavior when he was young,This is too difficult for him。
The cheerful mood was a little deepened by this very unpleasant conversation,Want to fully understand,It seems to communicate directly with Sheng Zegang。Look up at the watch,It’s time to get up,Hurry up and contact the second sister。right now,Is the relationship with the second sister good or bad?,Anyway, since I bought a snail house here,He found the opportunity to meet with his eldest brother and sister-in-law to do a notarization of the real estate transfer at the county notary office.,Relieved the psychological pressure,And less close family,I’m looking for second sister this time,It is purely because he believes that the family of the rich man in the town who has heard it hundreds of times since childhood has returned to the hometown to recognize relatives.,The second sister must be happy to get together。
A few phone calls,Listening to the second sister on the phone、Uncle、The reaction of parents shouting in surprise after hearing the words,Fang Yourong regrets not going back to join in the fun。It seems,Half a century apart,The kids in town can finally listen to another story。
Out of the restaurant,Go where the crowd is surging。Follow the crowds on the bus,Wander around the university town to inquire about admissions information。Should find something to do,People who are too bored will surely give birth to unnecessary right and wrong。
The morning of the statutory holiday after the Spring Festival,All kinds of famous cars are discharged at the temporary parking spot outside the school.。
What is this?Although it has long been known that the gap between the rich and the poor is huge today,Every year, the homecoming day of freshmen has become a stage for many unscrupulous parents to show off,This bad phenomenon has been the focus of news in recent years,But now,The student’s winter vacation is not over yet, right,Where are so many cars?