Shen Ruoxi said triumphantly。


“Terrible,I’m wrong,sister。”
Yang Shiyun has nothing to do,I can only honestly admit myself“error”,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are afraid of her,But she is afraid of Shen Ruoxi……
“Depends on your attitude,Let you off today,Hehe。”
Shen Ruoxi is satisfied,Finally found some face in Yang Shiyun,Not easy。
“Yep,Thank you sister for letting me go。”
Yang Shiyun screamed,She was so low-key for the first time,So low-pitched to admit to others,Meizi can act like a baby,What can’t she admit?。
“Damn,Look at the poor little sister Shiyun,Ruoxi, don’t embarrass her,Haha。”
Chen Hao can’t stand it anymore,So I stood up again to help Yang Shiyun,She has a good heart,Everyone is trying to protect。
“I didn’t embarrass her,I just want to drag her into the water,Then no one needs to talk about anyone,Hehe。”
Shen Ruoxi said proudly。
“Ugh,I knew I stopped talking,regret!”
Yang Shiyun said deliberately annoyed,Of course to make Shen Ruoxi happy。
“Regret it’s too late,It’s too late,Haha。”