This young player,It was unknown before,But in the past week it suddenly became the focus of discussion。


last weekend,He came off the bench,Use one goal to help the team take all three points。
this weekend,He came off the bench again,Scored twice,Shining Star also won two consecutive victories。
Such a dazzling performance,How could it be ignored by everyone?
“That anti-offside goal is really beautiful!I opened the perspective of God in the stands,I didn’t even see that it was an opportunity……I patronized to see where the ball is!”
“Hi,How about saying that they are geniuses??Of course Qin Lin’s pass is too beautiful!Two people pass and run tacit understanding!”
“Eh,I feel there should be no suspense in relegation this season,As long as Qin Lin and Hu Lai cooperate well……”
“Lai Zekai can transfer!I support the club to sell him,I can still recall this!”
“Hehe,I’m not surprised by Hu Lai’s performance。I watched the national competition!Dongchuan Middle School defeated Shuguang High School in the final,I watched the live broadcast!He was the one who performed a hat trick in that game!You think he is a genius born out of nowhere?I think it’s just a matter of course!”
Something like this appeared in the square outside the stadium、On the bus stop、On the subway,as well as……online。
《Hu Lai scored again!A new star is rising!》
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“Are there any Flashstar fans here??Let’s talk about your views on Hu Lai!”