Spring nourishing liver and calcium big bone thick soup


Spring nourishing liver and calcium big bone thick soup

In the spring, the nourishing liver and calcium and big bone thick soup are the raw materials of soybean sprouts big bone soup: pork bones, soybean sprouts, carrots, ginger slices, whole scallops, spring onions, salt, pepper.

Method: 1 Wash the pork bones; remove the soybean sprouts from the roots and wash them; cut the carrots into pieces, dry the whole shell to remove the dark parts, and soak the sand.

2 Pork bone is boiled with boiling water.

3 Take a soup pot and add an appropriate amount of water. After boiling, add pork bones, ginger slices and whole beijing.

Cook until the soup is thick and white, add carrot blocks for 30 minutes, then add soy beans.


Cook all the ingredients for another 10-15 minutes and add the condiments.

Health Tips1 In addition to protein, trace amounts, and vitamins, pork bones also contain a large amount of calcium phosphate, bone collagen, and bone mucin.

Children often drink bone soup, which can timely supplement the bone cortex and other substances necessary for the human body, enhance bone hematopoiesis, and help bone growth and development. Adults can delay aging.

Pork bone soup can strengthen waist and knees, strengthen strength, supplement weakness and strengthen bones.

If the spleen and stomach are cold and poorly digested, it can easily cause sintering and fullness or diarrhea. Therefore, ginger or pepper should be added to the bone soup.

2 Soybean sprouts are sweet, cool in nature, enter the spleen, and large intestine meridian.

On the spleen and stomach, hot and humid, constipation, common, hyperlipidemia has a therapeutic effect.

3 Spring is a season of vitamin B2 deficiency. Eating more soybean sprouts in spring can effectively supplement vitamin B2 deficiency.

Vitamin E contained in bean sprouts can protect the skin and capillaries, prevent arteriosclerosis, and complicate hypertension in the elderly.

In addition, soy bean sprouts contain vitamin C, which is a beauty food.

Eating soy bean sprouts can nourish hair, keep the hair dark and shiny, and have a better lightening effect on facial freckles.

Eating soy bean sprouts is of great benefit to the growth and development of adolescents and the prevention of anemia.

Often eating soybean sprouts has brain health, anti-fatigue and anti-cancer effects.

In addition, during the germination of soybeans, the inflating substances in soybeans are decomposed.

Some nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body.