“Bullshit,Which green onion are you,Be careful to beat you up”He Xiaoxi said,Actually let go of Lu Hao,He really came over to Xia Jian。


Xia Jian did not move,Just smiled and said:“You better not be impulsive,Otherwise you will regret it”When Xia Jian said this,,Secretly shook his hand,It means to let Wang Lin retreat to the corner。
At this moment,The villagers who were standing outside the gate rushed into the courtyard,Like watching a big show。Thus,He Xiaoxi is even more proud。He glared at Xia Jian and said:“Your kid’s white skin and tender meat will be liked by women,Dare to run wild with me,You are living enough”
He Xiaoxi said,Coldly,According to Xia Jian, it is a punch。This http://www.selmarkshop.cn punch is fast and straight,If you don’t avoid it in time,Hit Xia Jian’s nose,Break or break。
He Xiaoxi’s brutal dominance,Which group of anger aroused Xia Jian’s heart。I saw the fast side of his body,Right five fingers slightly bent,Violently caught He Xiaoxi’s fist。
Just listen:“Ouch”Bang。He Xiaoxi’s arms as thick as a calf have been twisted in the back by Xia Jian。He Xiaoxi never thought,This man like Princess Huahua,It’s so good at hand。
Xia Jianyi doesn’t do it,Endlessly。The right foot swept the ground,He Xiaoxi’s body is like a collapsed wall,Climb on the ground with a plop。He Xiaoxi struggled a few times before getting up from the ground。
Who was around the door suddenly screamed。Lu Hao can’t help He Xiaoxi,But for these people he is still pretty good。He rushed to the door of the office in two steps,Shouted:“What to see,Give me back”
Lu Hao’s voice still works。Which villagers flooded into the small courtyard of the village committee,Suddenly disappeared without a trace。Only some ignorant children,Still standing far away, looking towards here。
He Xiaoxi’s fall is not light,After he got up,I slapped the dust on my body,Staring at Xia Jian:“Young man!This is endless,Let’s ride a donkey and read the songbook,Wait and see”
He Xiaoxi finished,Pushing away Lu Hao standing behind him,Step away。Lu Hao sees it,Busy talking to Xia Jian:“You guys go quickly!I can’t leave when I’m late”
“Why are you so afraid of him?He is not three heads and six arms。I don’t believe he can eat me today”Xia Jian’s bull temper came up,Three cows can’t be pulled back。
Lu Hao sighed and said:“Don’t you know,This He Xiaoxi is a master in our village,There are many villagers who followed him。Today he suffered such a big loss,I won’t let go,So you should go first”
“Row!Then let’s go ahead。Convenient to leave your phone number,We will http://www.fhlove.cn contact you when we go back。Tell you the truth!Before we come here,The relevant information has been mastered。This must be a certainty”Wang Lin said,Reach out。