He pointed to Fang Xianjing,I shook my head.,Can cause trouble everywhere。


One zero two、Another troublemaker
Someone else made such an unreasonable request,I can imagine that they are not serious people,If Zhong Manxia was with me, it would be impossible for her to go,But the leader Fang is not under my control,And based on what I know about her,She is a person who is not afraid of everything,Will definitely agree!
Sure enough, she smiled evilly:“OK,You lead the way!”I knew these people might not have good fruit!
She asked Boss Zhang to show the way,Leave right away,I can only helplessly follow her,Others smiled and followed behind to watch the excitement,Look at their expressions,I seriously suspect that Fang Xianjing often makes trouble in school。
This room is on the right hand side of the door,Look through the window,The situation at the door is clear at a glance,We stood at the door for a while,It’s strange that they didn’t notice a few big beauties。
When we entered the room, we saw three young men with dull expressions,They just saw Fang Xianjing outside through the window sill and thought she was very beautiful,Now she walked in,It’s even more thrilling to see the past up close,I’m totally overwhelmed。
This is the time when Xiangjiang’s gang culture has the deepest influence on China,Young people like to go to school,They wear“Young and Dangerous”The same black tights of Li Crow,Dragon tattooed on the arm,Tiger tattoo,Long-haired,Yellowed,And those with dog chains,It’s all smoky anyway,It is very likely to be a real messenger。
She approached the table and crossed her hands:“I’m coming,You can go now!”
Several people looked at each other,Long-haired young and Dangerous boy laughed and said:“do not,Little sister,How bad is it to drive people as soon as you come?,You are not4A beauty,This table just sits down,Today, we’re going to serve you。”
Fang Xianjingdao:“No more,I don’t like eating with strangers,You guys get out quickly!”
Yellow Haired Young and Dangerous Road:“You are wrong to say that,The room is occupied by us,Do you understand the principle of first come first?I can’t let us let you as soon as you come,Tell us how much face we have?”
I’m afraid of getting into trouble,So pull Fang Xian and leave,Come out and have fun,Don’t spoil your spirits。
The other three beauties also mean the same,When they came in and saw the three men dressed up, they knew they were not good people,A little scared,This is the same as in schoolcaseA bit different。
Fang Xianjing shook my hand,Cold road:“You say you will leave as soon as I come,Must speak for words!”
My heart is over,These gangsters Zhengchou had no chance to get involved with her,Now create some contradictions,You can just tease her。
Sure enough, the man on the leash laughed:“beauty,It makes no sense for you to say that,We only tell the boss to consider,That means we let us agree,You can not let it if you don’t agree。”
The other went on:“But you four beauties are so beautiful,We still know how to pity and cherish jade,You stay and eat together,This kid can go。”
I almost got angry when I heard this,But I am worried that this sturdy girl who always likes to torture me will agree to this extremely unreasonable request。
Fortunately she is not so unreliable,She decisively refused:“This is impossible,You draw down the road,How to let!”