“Pop pop……”The lonely applause suddenly sounded in the classroom,Someone immediately followed……


Yes,First, Lu Yuxin applauded herself,Then Guo Xiaoyi, who was sitting next to Lu Yuxin, immediately followed,This also drove many parents sitting in the back row to applaud symbolically。
Most of the children in Mathematical Olympiad,Still sitting there and looking at the electronic screen on the podium,Look blank。
“Cough,Go down and find a place to sit!”Han Wenle, who had recovered, waved his hand,Said。
Wang Yufei, who was amnesty, quickly stepped off the stage……
The position beside Lu Yuxin has been robbed by Guo Xiaoyi,He simply sat in a row behind the girl。
His task has been completed,The betting contract with the dean is also completed,As for today’s outbreak, will it add any psychological shadow to the primary school bullies?,Completely out of his consideration。
after all,He was forced is not?
“All right,The first half of today’s public class has been completed,It’s about fifteen minutes ahead of my preset time。I originally prepared a lot of words,I want to talk to the parents who are here today,And our classmates talk,But now I decided to make a long story short。”Han Wenle brewed for a while,Started his performance。
to be frank,Hangeul is in a bad mood now!
The reason is that he found that the psychological quality of these children is far from as strong as he thought.,It makes him decide,Still have to follow the original plan。
“I think everyone knows the reason why I want to give this public class today。Yes,This is a response to the bad thing that happened yesterday。”
“First, let me briefly talk about my experience,this year, I48year old,From23I started teaching at the age of 20 and have now taught the whole25Years of Mathematics。From2010Year to2017I decided to come to No. 1 Middle School,I have been teaching at an international school in Mingzhu。”