“According to document requirements,Are led by the grassroots government,Chief Executive Participation。Approval of loans should also follow the procedures of proprietary banks,Otherwise there will be problems,Even big problem,This is my biggest worry。”


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Peng Changyi said again:“To your understanding,What are the possible problems?”
“According to Professor Bigkin’s analysis and various information gathered,There are several aspects,First, high interest rates;The second is disorderly lending,Think about it,Which one of these two issues is a major issue,This is the reason why I have not reported。”
Peng Changyi said:“Not right,I see the document is only allowed to buy shares,No deposits allowed。”
“You’re right,If you just rely on equity,Is simply not able to solve the huge capital demand,Slowly, they will face the society.,Facing society,Foundations are certainly not as competitive as professional banks,To improve competitiveness,High interest rate,Some places even discount,Disrupt the financial order,Some actions are still illegal,This is why the People’s Bank of China strongly opposed the decision of the State Council,Think about it,If the financial order is chaotic,,That will affect the entire social order,Have you seen the Lin’s shop??Such things are not allowed to happen in today’s society,It’s something I’m afraid of,These are all explained clearly in that newspaper。”Jiang Fan said worriedly。
Peng Changyi picked up the newspaper subconsciously,But he can’t see,Just said:“I’ll take a look at this newspaper。”He folded the newspaper,Put it in the handbag,Said again:“Since you know,Why do we still see that scholar?”
Jiang Fan said:“My classmate made an appointment with him,Listen to his opinion in person,will be better,Say again,What the article reflects is limited,There may be something inconvenient for him to say publicly,We can discuss with him in depth,How to avoid risks,Or minimize the risk。”
What else does Peng Changyi want to say?,At this moment,The pager in his bag rang。He took a look,Said:“mayor,It’s Secretary Wang。”
“Something?”Jiang Fan asked。
“Did not say,Just tell me to call back。”
Jiang Fan understands what Peng Changyi means,Just said:“Nothing,Tell him。”