Although he has been talking,But the hands are never idle,Still walking around on Xiaodie’s body……


“Go to hell!In your dreams!If my mother sees you doing this to me,She has to fight you hard!Humph!”
Fluttershy grieved and finished,Pouting a little mouth,Qin Liang took advantage of the situation and kissed him for a while……
“No way……Your mother is so violent?Shouldn’t,It is said that all beautiful girls should be ladies,Like you……”
Qin Liang started flattering again,This time it was the mother and daughter。
“Please!My mother is no longer a girl, okay?Her daughter is as old as me!wrong……Not my age,I am her daughter!”
Fluttershy took herself in。
“Please!Your mother used to be a girl, OK??Even her daughters‘Like’You are so old……She is at best a big girl now,Hahahaha……”
Qin Liang deliberately said it was wrong。
In fact, he felt that since Xiaodie said that he and his mother look almost exactly the same,So naturally her mother is also a big beauty,She must also take care of her appearance,So it looks absolutely young on the outside。
Such as Murong Shan……My daughter is that old too,But when she is not on the stage,Still looks like a young girl,Standing with Shen Ruoxi is like a pair of sisters,People who don’t know the inside story,I never dreamed that she was the mother of a child。
“You can really talk……This ass,I guess if my mother sees you,I will like you too。”
Fluttershy said happily。
“Yep,When I have a chance to see your mother in the future,I just call her sister,what do you think?”