“Call Xiaoyun in,Xiaoxue must also come in with him。”


Qiangzi said wisely。
“Come in, come in,Anyway, at least this channel is safe,As long as they don’t touch everywhere,Do you remember to tell them both:Don’t touch anything,I have to endure curiosity。”
Qin Liang ordered。
“and also:We need lighting equipment。”
Yang Zhi added,Very crucial sentence。
Qiangzi turned around……
The remaining Qin Liang and the others began to take photos of them in the cave up and down with flashlights.,But in this cave passage“clean”Very,No clue,Seems to be just a simple channel。
“I don’t know how many times we have been to this island before,But never discovered such a big secret。”
Marin smiled with emotion。
“So this time we are caught up in the light of the Shen family。”
Qin Liang answered with a wry smile。
“But don’t touch this light next time,Almost killed Xiaoxue and the others。”
Yang Zhi tangled up。
“This kind of accident cannot be prevented in advance,Who knows when this will happen again next time,Who knows who will be the next accident?。”