“mom,”It’s cold in the new house,Unbutton the clothes button and pass the thousand yuan in the personal pocket to mom,It was used by his mother,He didn’t move the money。


“You keep it for yourself,There is an emergency in the future。”Mother doesn’t answer。Grandma who couldn’t climb the stairs called them down at the entrance of the corridor,Sister-in-law’s family came over。
The sister-in-law’s maiden family is polite,Dad who was still annoyed just now has lost his previous irritation,Holding the little granddaughter happily,The oversized necklace worn around the neck is dazzling,Grandma, who was squinting at the door, also bumped her elbow twice,Toothless slumped mouth,Let the maiden family who accompanied his sister-in-law back to her in-law’s house feel relieved。
About this little niece,It seems that the family has already negotiated,Fang Yourong didn’t ask much about his natural acquaintance。At the dinner table,Pick up delicious food。
The friends and relatives who came to chatted away,During the exchange, I learned that the big brother’s ship was changed to a large tonnage,After the new year, I have to go to Shandong to ship the goods。The little girl in her hands,Mother laughs:“I will be more free in my store from now on,I’ll bring the girl at home。”The sister-in-law’s mother next to her hurriedly responded that the little girl was led by both ends of the family。
Brother and sister-in-law who bowed their heads said nothing,The family who wanted to divert the topic turned to Fang Yourong, who was holding a chicken leg and gnawing.。
Fang Yourong, who is being followed, looks at the faces of the family,That means asking him whether he will go out to work or go to the county to learn crafts after the New Year.?
The heart of learning crafts has never changed,The joy of going home was lost with the quarrel with my second sister year after year,same as before,Parents’ attitude of calming people is like acquiescing that he is superfluous,Let Fang Yourong be deeply disappointed。
Unwilling to be imprisoned in this home that he loves but also fears,That metropolis has absolute indifference,No one cares about the drop in the ocean,same,With a drop in the ocean, you don’t have to care about anyone around you who you don’t want to care about,Experience the freedom that I have never known for half a year,He won’t come back,Not resentment,Just disappointed,It’s time to leave the nest。About this property,He absolutely doesn’t want it,This is not loving him,But a debt to him,If you really get this property,He owed his parents all his life、Brother-in-law、Sister’s unrepayable debt。In the future, whoever honors his parents will be inherited.,He has the small tower that he got by accident.。
Under the eyes of everyone,I quickly found a cloth to wipe the oil on my fingers,Take out all the gifts you brought to your family。The original unintentional behavior is respected by others,Fang Yourong also appeared extremely sincere when he took out this gift。
The over-exquisite packaging once again attracted the attention of the whole family。The golden red package is for grandma,The big red package is a sweetheart necklace,This is for mom,The share for the elder brother and sister-in-law has been given to the little niece,Put the last pink bag into the second sister,That’s the peach blossom ear point that implies marriage。The second elder sister, who is boring to eat vegetables, said nothing。The second sister who is not arrogant is really rare to see,Let Fang Yourong balance out a little bit。
The old grandma tightly writes a small velvet box with gold threads,Look at the golden earrings that you see after carefully opening it,The surface of the golden earrings is also engraved with exquisite peony patterns,“Daughter,This is for grandma?”
Fang Yourong, who is called Qianjin again, is so depressed,Can’t family members really understand that besides resentment for this name, he still resents??
“Yes,Of course it was for grandma。”No matter how depressed,You have to be good at this time。Fang Yourong went to help grandma get the brass earrings on her ears,Leaning on the grandmother with the unique atmosphere of the old man,Touched that wrinkled cheek,Fang Yourong felt the ruthlessness of the years,The copper earrings are already stuck in the crevices of grandma’s earlobes,He dare not do it。
The sister-in-law on one side came to help me with interest,Remove the copper earrings to help grandma put on the gold earrings,The whole family kept clamoring for good-looking,Let the grandmother, who has been bent over for this family all her life, smiled and bloomed,I kept looking at the small mirror I passed over。
This expensive gift has stopped the family turmoil,There is some light in the undecorated hall。
I had to take off the hat I wore in autumn to reveal the golden earrings,Grandma is showing off the golden earrings given by her second grandson to her old friends。Grandma’s publicity,Many aunts and aunts ridiculed the media。You can survive this little half year without help from home,I brought valuable things to my family,Fang family‘Daughter’Promising。
After the year,With the Spring Festival*,The young and middle-aged in the town have to rush back to work in the city。The first one who left the Fang family was the older brother and sister-in-law。Early in the morning,Second sister is back to work too,It is said that the second sister talked with her boyfriend in the county,I haven’t brought it back yet。Second sister is an overly independent woman,It’s just that the hot temper who never suffers will not change,Fang Yourong is not optimistic about the second sister’s marriage。