Ou Zhaozhao always thinks of,I think my old lady is so awesome!!!


After the children were woken up in a daze,I saw the proud look that their mother often had。Suddenly a little speechless。Yuze thinks that the three of them are so confident,It’s my mother who is a fan of the brain blowing around。Three hundred and sixty five days a year,Someone uses one every day because of you,I feel very happy and proud to look at,People with a lot of inferiority have to be lifted to the sky。
Arrived at the door of the Ou Family Mansion in Ou Yue Shan,The big iron door is folded and raised on both sides,Ou Zhaozhao’s old manager who lives here to take care of the family and care for the elderly,Affirm,I have led the staff of the whole house to welcome the Ou family。Ou Yue Mountain is the scale of the resort,It’s really hard to have fewer employees。Who can stand here to greet the master,It’s all at the level of the leader,Just stand on both sides of the road。
Need so many people,It’s not that the Ou family needs so many people to serve,But there are flower houses, fruit and vegetable sheds, fish ponds, fields, livestock, etc.,Just a big farm,Daily maintenance requires so many people,In time for sowing or harvesting,I need to recruit people from nearby villages。Wei Zi’s personal agricultural science research institute is here,His early achievements,Are all cultivated by Ou Yueshan。
“Uncle Ming,Are you addicted to watching TV series??CosLoyal old butler?”Ou Zhaozhao is helpless,I actually wore a British butler dress,Excellent!!
Yuze is also very speechless,This is using life to live the old-age life,“Last year you got hooked on fishing,I thought it was the limit to get a set of professional fishing tackle,did not expect,You are totally unpredictable and unlimited!”
Affirm that it is an old employee who followed Ou Zhaozhao from the south,I was the old man of Ou Zhaozhao’s late first husband,Later in Ou Zhaozhao and the first husband’s family,Negotiating on inheritance issues,It’s also affirmation to stand firmly on Ou Zhaozhao’s side,So that Ou Zhaozhao gained a certain advantage in the negotiation。
Because of this,He can’t continue to stay in his husband’s family。There are still rumors from the husband’s family,He is selfish towards Ou Zhaozhao.The declared wife and son died together with the first husband and son in the car accident,Ou Zhaozhao regarded him as his uncle,Bring him to the imperial capital,After he retired,Give him his retirement。
At the beginning, he stated that he also lives in the city,I go to see the old ladies dancing square dance every day,Later, I thought the air in the city was bad,Came to Ou Yue Mountain。Also because of the development of Ou Yueshan,Need a cron。Affirmation has started a fancy retirement life.
“Does it look good?Made by the tailor in my village,He said he wanted to make such a shroud.”
“.”Silence。Old people,So not taboo,Really good?
Affirm that laughs,He’s almost 70,Tough body,Consciously live another twenty years without a problem,But things are impermanent,Since the accident,He is ready.Sigh in my heart,Wave these things away,I want to hug baby Ou,But think of the parenting books I read during this time,The little girl should cultivate gender awareness this morning,It’s for her to understand the world and society,All help a lot。Affirm, just touch and laugh baby Ou,Didn’t hug her。
Thinking,I will discuss these parenting guides with my wife again later。
The car inside the mansion is the kind of electric sightseeing car,A group of people changes to the main house。Baby Ou saw his little white horse from a distance,Prince Ou,Sa Huan, the little hoof ran over,Yelling to ride a horse,Huaiye has always been making trouble with his sister。Ou Zhaozhao can’t persuade you again,Just ignore。
Baby Ou jumped out of the car,Useless nanny to follow,I met Prince Ou and ran over,No change of clothes or shoes,White leather shoes stepping on the grass,It’s directly a trail of grass marks。If Huaiye wants to chase it, it won’t work,Suppressed by Ou Zhaozhao,Crying in my brother’s arms crying,I watched my sister run away with tears,Angry and sading!!Unilaterally broke off with my sister for ten seconds!!
Ou Da and Ou Mao Mao, who were sitting in the next car, jumped straight down,Caught up with baby ou。These two are simply the most loyal guards,It is also very clear that once I come to this mountain,They are going to fall out of favor.
I have a zoo,I can see more cats and dogs?