Consulting case: Sexual dreams are not true


Consulting case: Sexual dreams are not true

性梦非真   [案例分析]  某男,21岁,大学三年级学生。She is usually more introverted and is not good at interacting with people. She has never been particularly close to any girl.

However, I had a dream not long ago, and I had a sexual relationship with someone else in the dream.

After waking up, he felt guilty, felt guilty of incest, and faced others shamelessly.

Later, I had a dream, and the dream had a relationship with the party secretary in the class.

It seemed to prove something in the subconscious. He did not believe that his morality was so corrupt, so shameless, worried that the Communist Party Secretary would be harmed because of this, so that he did not dare to face her. As long as she was in the classroom, he could not read the book.Unexpectedly, she felt restless in a day, and her strong guilt prevented him from studying with peace of mind.

He was worried that he would become a sex criminal, and sometimes wondered if he had a mental illness and why it was so abnormal.

The psychological load made him afraid to fall asleep, for fear of “revisiting old dreams”, and he couldn’t talk about it, and couldn’t even think about it. He couldn’t forget it, and he went to the consulting room in all distress.

  [原因分析]  使这位大学生苦恼不已的梦叫做性梦。The reason why the college student couldn’t extricate himself was because of the incestuous nature and the possibility of non-existence in his grotesque dream, which made him feel so guilty that he doubted himself and was afraid to sleep.

The reason why people have sexual dreams is the result of comprehensive physical and psychological activities.

The scenes in the dream are all related to the dreamer’s usual experience and thought activities.

Because dreams are a typical process of unintentional imagination, sexual dreams are ridiculous.

The unconventional sexual movements and objects appearing in sexual dreams do not indicate their personality traits, nor do they indicate the clinical moral accomplishment of sexual dreamers.

Therefore, there is no need to blame yourself after sexual dreams.

  [解决方法]   1. Use cognitive awareness therapy to relieve his psychological burden and guilt.

Know that his sexual dreams do personality analysis.

  According to his situation, after adolescence, a sense of closeness to the opposite sex is evoked, and social norms make people inevitably restrict sexual desire, and physical desire is often suppressed by psychological self-discipline, and it is often realized by sexual dreams.

Sexual dreams are just dreams. They are not realistic. They are not only controlled by infinite dreamers, they will not harm the people involved, let alone personalities and morals.

Strengthen the cultivation of character foundation so that one’s vital energy can be actively and reasonably released.

Usually pay attention to the following aspects: First, actively expand interpersonal communication.

  Second, maintain normal sexual relations.

  Third, actively participate in cultural and sports activities and social practice activities.

  Fourth, read more books on physiology and psychology, improve the knowledge level in this area, increase psychological awareness and judgment.