Especially the cold,Tang Yao Yao two women’s face revealed the color。


Sichuan Luo Yaki has a rich face with a complex meaning。
Phoenix is getting less and less in the stone box,Turn into a strong blood color flow, constantly flocking to the body of the Oriental,Dongfang Yin’s figure still does not move,As a look,After a long time, she gently closed stone box.。
“Are you OK?”Lin Feng went to ask for a careful。
“thanks,Almost all use light。”Dongfang is still cold,She reached out and handed the stone box to Lin Feng.。
“Not,It doesn’t matter。”Lin Feng smiled and said,I don’t know why,He feels that the east of the east is changed.,The magic in the body seems to be removed.。
Dongfang Yin did not speak,Her eyes looked at a linden tree in the edge of Nether,Then her figure took directly,The knee is sitting under the Bodhi tree,Double eyes micro close,A touch of sound。
“Go back,I have taken your things.,Just guard you to protect a few days。”
“it is good,Thank you for the Oriental!”Lin Feng heard the words。
“Snow!”Beninde and Liu Wei couple shouted the East Yin,Just just said a word,But was blocked by Lin Feng.。
“Parents,Let’s go back.,Will get better and better。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Uh-huh!”Liu Wei and Beninde Two nodded。
“Brother-in-law。”Sichuan Luo Sakuo took a laughter,Pulling the arm of Lin Feng。
“thank you。”Lin Feng soft。
“It’s a welcome,I also had my own lust.,That secret is actually dangerous to her.。”Sichuan Luo Sakura looked at Lin Feng Road:“I don’t press the heart.。”
Lin Feng heard the words,After a long time, I just pinched the face of Sichuan Luo Sakuo.:“Past things have passed,You let your sister can’t blame you, or you don’t blame you.?”
“Brother-in-law,It’s so kind of you。”Sichuan Luo Sakuo went to the pine。
“Someone is really a goddess。”Night cold smile:“First help me get inheritance,The second time I fell in.,The result has he,the third time,Achievement。”
Talking between the night, the cold laughs, the small belly of Sichuan Luo Sakura。
Sichuan Luo Yakewei said that there is a faint impulse。
“Ha ha……good,Indeed to send a fortune goddess。”Lin Feng Wen Yan Haha smiled and said to Sichuan Luo Sakuo and night cold shoulders。
“Lin Feng!”Tang Yao Yaomei white Lin Feng glance,And later hoped to the Yuanwang Yin。
Lin Fengnhen is busy,After laughing:“Since there is oriental teacher sitting here,I go directly to the wind.,Xuanwu Ge,Golden Brother,Evil,You also go,仙 剑,It is too quiet here.,Let’s enjoy it on the wind.。”
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“it is good!”The evil 妃 言 微 微 点 点。
“I can finally go to the wind.,Nima,Tiger King This guy is estimated to be bored above.,Let us give him a small gift.。”Golden big python spit out a few words。
“Wind star,Three flavor,Really expected.。”Evil turtles spit out a few words。
“Can’t I go??”Night Qing Wen Wen Yes, the arm of Lin Feng。
“You still don’t go,There are two heavyweight characters at home.,Of course you can’t go。”Lin Feng smiled and pointed to Sichuan Luo Yakata and Tao Yao Road.:“Still,She left you,May not work。”
“Hardship!”Night cleaning。