“of course,Besides,Brain Machine Society is the same as other clubs,Also organize some activities from time to time。Allow the teams to maintain a smooth communication channel in their spare time。Our goal is every interest group,Can bear fruit。In my expectation,In the future, our brain-computer society may not be the largest and largest society in Huaqing,But in similar clubs,We are the best。”


“Even the same project,What others can’t do,We can do it;Others can do,We do better than them!”
The first meeting of the founders of Brain Machine Society is over。
Everyone present finally signed the co-sponsor registration form。
The next step is to submit the materials,Then wait for the unified approval of the department in charge of the school。
of course,Forming a society is a matter of haste but not。
It will definitely be approved in the end,Wang Yufei is 100% confident about this。
Before it gets approved,First select the vice president and the main management of the club。
A few simple discussions,This task was directly handed over to Lu Jia and Lu Yuxin。
Lu Jia is responsible for selecting students who are interested in joining the club management team,Finally, Lu Yuxin is responsible for the review。
Wang Yufei has sat again next to Gu Bingjun, who has been sitting silently in the corner studying new languages.。
“Mr. Gu,How do you understand?”
Gu Bingjun raised his head and glanced at Wang Yufei with complex and unspeakable eyes。
“These are your independent achievements?”Gu Bingjun asked,The voice is a bit harsh。
“It can’t be considered independently。I have a small team。”Wang Yufei smiled and explained something。
Smile is very warm,Because Lu Yuxin is sitting next to him every night,Help him check the missing pictures。
Gu Bingjun nodded,This explanation made him a lot better。
Fortunately, Wang Yufei did not explain in more detail that the so-called small team is really small,Just two of him and his girlfriend。