Women eat too little and get six diseases



Women eat too little and get six diseases

Modern women often eat less and less in order to maintain a slim figure. Eating some will increase the slightest trouble, but eating too little will cause a lot of damage.

銆€銆€Hair loss For people who are too thin, the body’s unfortunate and protein supply is insufficient, so the hair can be transferred and lose its luster.

If you are over-diet, your hair lacks enough nutrients, including most of the iron, and it will be dull and yellow, eventually causing a lot of hair loss.

銆€銆€The incidence of hip fractures in women with osteoporosis is more than double that of women with standard weight. This is because the body of lean people has insufficient levels of estrogen, affecting the binding of calcium to bone and unable to maintain normal bone density.Osteoporosis is prone to occur and fractures occur.

銆€銆€Women with stomach ptosis who lose weight by high blood pressure often feel loss of appetite, flatulence, and pain, which may be signs of sagging stomach.

Apparent gastroptosis is common in abdominal discomfort, fullness, heavy fall, and worsening symptoms after postprandial complications or fatigue.

When the stomach is drooping, it is accompanied by the sag of the liver, kidney, colon and the like.

銆€銆€Uterine prolapse does not have sufficient protection, the uterus is easy to descend from the normal position along the vagina, the cervix sag, and even out of the vaginal opening, forming uterine prolapse.

Severe can also lead to cervical infection, and even cervicitis.

銆€銆€The anemia of nutrient intake is not balanced and the intake of hematopoietic substances such as iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 is insufficient; when eaten less, the basal metabolic rate is lower than that of ordinary people, so the gastrointestinal movement is slow, the gastric acid secretion is reduced, and the absorption of nutrients is affected.

These are the primary causes of anemia.

銆€銆€The main motivation for memory loss in brain work is 濮?

Too little to eat, the body’s micro-supplement and supplements are insufficient, the body’s nutrition is reduced, and the brain cells are seriously damaged, which directly affects memory and becomes more and more forgetful.