First436chapter Great teacher arrives(under)


It’s a pity that people like them can’t,Can’t keep up with the rhythm of the times,Drag the family,Otherwise sometimes,Huang Lei wants to be willful,Let’s go on a trip。</p>
Thinking wildly,While being convinced by reality,Start struggling to make dough。</p>
Ideals are always so plump and attractive,But the reality is such a backbone torture,Everyone is in the arena,Involuntary。</p>
In a clean basin,Full of flour,Then add baking soda,Salt and a small amount of sugar。</p>
Make the noodles more chewy,Then melt the yeast with warm water,Pour into the flour,Stir well。</p>
Inject a small amount of warm water,And into dough,Add a small amount of butter and stir to lubricate,Then cover with a layer of plastic wrap,Ferment in the sun。</p>
This time period,At least two to three hours,In addition, the daylight during the early morning is not scorching,Ferment in the sun,Just fit。</p>
Approaching eight o’clock,Three girls are willing to get up,Huang Lei sitting in the pavilion,I poured myself a cup of tea and tasted it carefully,See Zifeng get up。</p>
Open road:“Zifeng,If you are hungry,Let your brother make you a cup of rice gruel,Then you wash your hands,You can come and eat。”</p>
For pet girls,Huang Lei is professional,Zifeng relies on Huang Lei’s pampering,Instigate Peng Pengyi:“brother,I want to drink the milky one。”</p>
Peng Yu singing gritted his teeth,Said:“I know,My good sister,Go wash quickly。”</p>
If it weren’t for Huang Lei,,Peng Peng has already rushed to pull this girl’s face,Even the brother dare to call,so rude。</p>
Peng Yu sings only feeling,I seem to be reduced to the bottom of the mushroom house,none of them。</p>
Subsequently,Miss Di and Zhu Xudan,They all finished washing up,Came out,Both women have light makeup today,Looks faintly stunning。</p>
Su Luo already made a cup of rice dilute,Still steaming,Saw Miss Dee sitting down,Just passed it。</p>
Teacher He also handed a cup of prepared rice to Zhu Xudan,Zhu Xudan took over,Open road:“Thank you teacher He。”</p>
He Jia smiled and nodded,Everyone sitting in the pavilion chatting。</p>
Suddenly,The wooden door was pushed open,Big Zhang Wei in hip-hop style,The teacher opened the door and walked in。</p>