【Zhu Pingping definitely wants to send the child to the little girl’s school,Unfortunately can’t get in】


【You can’t get in!!】
【The little empress said she has a narrow social circle,How normal is this,Top circle,That’s just a few people in total,It’s strange that it’s not narrow】
【President Yu can’t enter a public school,it’s common,The little empress can’t get into college,Also normal】
【The little empress was very unhappy in college,I know a lot of inside stories】
【I said something during the live broadcast of Yaoyao,Seems really not happy】
【Don’t force yourself to join the circle,The little female emperor just go up high】
【Little Empress’s college classmates are really a bunch of fools!!!】
Zhu Pingping was silent for a while,I just returned to Ou Baobao’s question。
“Like you said,public school,Different learning stages,Will meet different people,This is to pass the score and the conditions at home,Filtered out。Children with high scores naturally belong to the same school,There will be children with low scores but rich family,There will also be children with artistic talents or sports talents。then,Low score,There is no way in the family and no talented children,Will be in another school.”
Zhu Pingping recalled her school days,“High school entrance examination,College entrance examination,It’s like jumping the dragon gate again and again,The children are really climbing the ladder,Pass the exam again and again,A little bit,Climb up。As for where to climb,What height is it,This is hard to say,Because the ladder has no end.”Sigh,“I didn’t go to university,Attended a training school,Although he also debuted,But compared to those artists who came from a class,I always feel like a dwarf.”
“Although the best pick,Glorious labor,Maybe from ancient to present,Not all industries have been automatically separated out?In ancient times,it’s gone now,But say three words for migrant workers,The heaviness and humiliation behind,Who doesn’t know.My dad killed pigs and sold pork when I was a kid,When i was in elementary school,She was said to be a pig girl,I was very envious of the teacher’s children.”
Zhu Pingping couldn’t hold back,Said a lot。But fortunately, there is some reason,Shut up in time。
“Do you think public schools have no impact on your life and your brother’s life,It’s because it didn’t affect you in any way.。Society has limited influence on you,Let alone a small society like school。I always want to change my own life,After i live rich,Choose to have a baby,Also because I want my child,Can’t feel the influence of the surrounding environment on him.This one,It takes a lot of support and confidence.”