Ren Yurou speaks,Pursed:“Half an hour ago,We went to the Paradise Club。President Wang did apologize to us,Also said,Never hold follow-up responsibility,we,Ren Jia,Everything is fine。Come here today,I want to celebrate。Since I met,Otherwise we’ll be together……”


“You want pretty beautiful,Want everyone to know,We admit that you are Ren family?”
“No door!”
Ren Fengjiao just finished scolding。
Ye Tianzong suddenly stepped forward。
“Get out,You fool,What do you want?”
Ren Fengjiao just finished scolding,Tian Zhongxin immediately rushed to stop,Grimly:“I have heard,You fool,Beat the aunt one after another、Qingqing them,You think you are a fool,Can hit people casually?I warn you……”
“I just prove what my wife said。”
Ye Tian’s face is calm,Take out the phone,Click on the short video taken by passers-by before。
“what is this?”
Tanaka Shinichi startled。
After reading the content,Shocked,Give it to others to watch immediately。
In the picture。
Wang Songrui did kneel to Ren Yurou。
Constantly kowtow,Constantly apologize。
inside,And Wang Songrui’s words full of apology and regret。
the whole process,Lasted three full minutes。
Until Ren Yurou opens her mouth to forgive,To be terminated。