I want to turn around while thinking.,He is constantly warning yourself,Unique、Unique、Unique……


Mind countless,Kao’s eyes,Still can’t help but want to go there,I still have a profound judge with myself.……Size is quite big,Look at the ground,ThiscLet it be?
翩 翩 翩 翩 翩,Consequence,Just switching clothes,Wang traffic is changed for five minutes,Waiting for him to change the bath towel,Zhang Xiaoying has changed it.。
The original professional suit has been taken off,Change the piece of loose home dress,Short of shortcomings,Converter is not long,Two big legs wearing a white flowers show a large half,A long hair with shawl,Look at the very shares。
http://www.pidke45.cn Wang traffic is a bit dry tongue,Throat,Hurry and transfer my eyes。
Zhang Xiaoying is also a bit awkward,Hurriedly:“Replace it?Give me your clothes.,You first go to the living room.,I will help you dry,Take some ginger ginger water,Let’s have a bowl together,Drive。”
Say the head,I took the clothes in my hand,Hurried into the toilet。
Wang Qianquan,A little bit,Go to the living room sofa,Hands next to it casually,Suddenly touching a furry thing,Go straight,Zhang Xiaoying’s pet cat is also squatting on the sofa.,And it is good,He was touched by him.。
Body piracy,Dreaming of sleeping eyes,Even if you are caught by the king,It is also a look that Ai Answer is ignored.,Don’t take a look at him.。
Ah,The little thing is quite cold.……Wang traffic eyebrow,Just do sitting and boring,Sorps raising hands teasing http://www.cctv-zhongjiangzhihui.cn cats,Dight time。
Touch your belly,揉 揉 晃,He is not happy to play.,The little thing is a bit impatient by him.。
The rush of his own low screamed for warning,Unfortunately, not only didn’t work,The king is still more stronger.。
Unbearable,Small things,Cool is not close to the paw,Just scratch it on his hand.。
“hiss……small things,You really dare.。”Wang flows,Take a breath,捂。
Zhang Xiaoying heard the movement,Hurried over to ask:“What happened?”
“fine,Funny,The result was accidentally scratched by it.。”Wang traffic laughs,Self-feeling is a bit shame。
Zhang Xiaoying swept the eyes,Frown:“It’s bleeding.,Not yet?,There is iodophor at home,I am going to give you disinfection.。”
“Need not,Family is not a wild cat,It’s fine。”Wang Flow Hand。
“Still,Don’t even。”Zhang Xiaoying did not dare to pay attention,Hurry http://www.wet88.cn to take iodophor、Cotton swab,Sitting next to Wang,Pull his hand,Carefully pivoter,Side treatment is still:
“Your current identity is different.,Can you be so casually?,Although it is a domestic cat,Rabies basics,But the cat’s paw is also available in other bacteria.,This process will be handled in time,Otherwise, if you are infected, you will trouble.,You can pay attention。”
Zhang Xiaoying,Nothing to pay attention,She lows for the king to handle the wound,This is loose clothes,Direct door open。
起 伏 的 山,White flowers,Outline,List in front of the king。
I only wanted to look at it.,Wang traffic is standing,Human:“I noticed it.,Your identity is also a bit different.。”
“Um?What is different?”Zhang Xiaoying。
“Looking at the surface is a bit less than。”Wang traffic dark road,He really didn’t guess,Usually do not show the mountain,I didn’t expect her to be so material.。
Zhang Xiao Ying, the more you listen to,Look up and look at your eyes,Just as the Wang Flowing,Switch down,Look at your body,Then I understand the moment.,Faced twilight,Hurry straight up,Cover your chest,Shay and happily:
“Where did you come??”
It is clear that it is angry,Demonstration is like a delicate,Wang traffic listening to the heart of the god,There are fantasies when I am going upstairs.,I finally pressed again at this moment.,A horizontal,Directly bulky,Her ruddy mouth,Rating straight。
Zhang Xiaoying has grown up in an instant,The body is like electricity,Full body stiffness,Breathing stagnation,A blank in the mind,Even resistance to the resistance,Keep your hair posture,The picture seems to be static。
Until the brain hypoxia,When you can’t breathe,She suddenly slowly,Then push the king,Glare:
“you、You are calm,do not、do not do that。”
I still calm a hammer at this time.,This situation this scene、At this moment,If you have changed others, if you can hold back,I respect him is the man.……