Four people on stage are directly a wave of close combat,Xia Chenglong can only be busy coping,No time to attack。


See this,Everyone sighed,really,Bragging comes at a price。
See,Something happened now,I’ll fight one out of four,And every one of them is in the holy state,How can this win?
The people who had bet on the Zhao family were gloomy,Over,Finally a little hopeful,Even getting rich,I’ve lost everything now。
“Kid,Said to kneel down and beg for mercy,Maybe we can spare your life。”
“Want my life,Are you qualified?”
“it is good,In this case,Then don’t blame us for being polite,Bros,Make a move。”
“Fierce rain!”
“Lei Xiaowanli!”
“Electric Fury!”
Storm and Thunder,The martial arts of four attributes appear simultaneously from four directions at a time,Together with the sky and the earth are rendered by energy,Flying sand,Violent anomaly。
interesting,Xia Chenglong saw the opponent’s martial arts,Such a level,It is impossible for anyone to simply follow。
But besides him,Because he is Xia Chenglong,It’s Dragon King,He was the first man in the Dahua country to enter the realm of asking God。
A circular purple energy appeared all over the body,From outside,Countless thunder and lightning are mixed with the violent energy sucked from the surroundings.。
Xia Chenglong said its name softly:“Dragon King Different Dimension。”
Those thunder and lightning slowly change into purple thunder dragon day by day,Roar,Looks majestic,Very powerful。
Even four people,This battle is still the end of one move,Either live,Or disappear into the world with the surrounding smoke。