Wang Jiadong says:“I mean let you pay attention,It has nothing to do with who you marry,And people around you,You should also pay attention,I told old Gu yesterday,People,Higher position,Pay more attention,Be careful,People here,Higher level than Sanyuan and Kangzhou,It’s possible for an individual to reach the sky,and so,Be careful。”


Peng Changyi knows Wang Jiadong’s worries,To some extent he is more ambitious than himself,Just said:“do not worry,I leave my work at home,Or come to you,Do not cause trouble,Don’t gang up,Do your job well。”
Wang Jiadong looked at him and said:“Kid,Why is the level of an official going backwards??I’ve never gotten into trouble by myself,Langzhu officialdom,You might get any name,Only the reputation of gang formation will not fall,Because everyone knows you are a royalist。I had a chat with Jiang Fan that day,Although the conversation is not deep,But vaguely feel,He also has a sense of crisis,I also have my own worries about the current members of the team and the current work of Lang Zhu,To some extent,You are a wall in front of Jiang Fan,This wall,To withstand the wind and rain,Still have to endure loneliness、Loneliness and grievance,This is why I originally suggested that you come to Langzhu to find Jiang Fan and then stopped mentioning it.,To some extent,The better people get together,The more you have to get along,Don’t just get married just because the relationship is good,Treat yourself as an outsider,That would be bad。”
Peng Changyi sees Wang Jiadong is serious,Just said:“You put a hundred hearts,I just misplaced with others,And Jiang Fan can be straight,It’s not just that I admire him、Worship him,Mainly old feelings,I know him just as you know me,When you slap your ass, you know what shit each other is going to do,That kind of tacit understanding doesn’t last for a day or two,The role of the windshield you just mentioned,rest assured,I can do it,Don’t talk about loneliness and grievance,I can hold back the joy,Whenever life is proud,Didn’t you always tell me to practice behind closed doors??To know,Lonely grievance,It’s not easy to hold back his pride,Ha ha。”
Wang Jiadong didn’t smile,He looked at the disciple he devoted himself to training,Listen to him,I also feel a little uncomfortable,To some extent,Peng Changyi is repeating his role,He is on Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi,I saw Fan Wenliang and myself。people,The moment of entering officialdom,You have some kind of mark,This mark is difficult to change,Regardless of blessing,Will be with you for life,Sometimes it takes super perseverance and certain beliefs,To endure all misfortunes and grievances,Because of officialdom,Once you have defined your mark,This is for life,You can’t get rid of it even if you quit the officialdom or even die,Will continue to the people around you and your descendants……
Hou Men entered as deep as the sea!Wang Jiadong let out a sigh of relief,Said helplessly:“In short,I can’t help you anymore,Need to pay attention everywhere,Pay attention to even small things,Maybe someone else is okay,But you might have something for it,The function of the wind wall is to endure a lot of hardships,Enjoy less。”
Wang Jiadong suddenly remembered Ding Yi’s custom fan for Peng Changyi,Above is the poem she copied from the great leader praising Mr. Peng,Xiaoding must have done it accidentally,But somehow,This seems to be the fate of the character Peng Changyi!Thought of here,His heart just moved,There is a very tragic feeling in my heart rising。
Of course Peng Changyi would not care about the sadness of the old leader,Although the roles are quite,But the fate will not be the same,He is confident,He deliberately said carelessly:“Don’t worry,I will pay attention to the details of life around me,I learned to pay attention to this when I dumped you out of the trash basket to burn trash,Small things like this,Even bigger things,You don’t think about it,Who brought out the apprentice?。”
Wang Jiadong smiled,He didn’t want to make the atmosphere so sad,Besides,Peng Changyi is still very different from him at that time,Many things,Peng Changyi can do it himself if he thinks about it,Because he has administrative power,And he was just the head of the organization,No administrative power,He can only operate by selecting cadres and a series of wisdom,To assist the secretary of the municipal party committee to achieve political goals,Although he has organizational power,But that strength is still soft power after all,The effect is not immediate,Peng Changyi is not like this right now,He is now the executive deputy mayor,Executive No. 2,And it’s the same thing with Jiang Fan,He can be said to have a high position,As long as you govern, you will see immediate results,As long as they want to do,Overhead the mayor is easy,of course,Whether it’s Jiang Fan or Peng Changyi,Would never do this,Because of their own party spirit and principles, they will not do this,This is also the main reason why he is optimistic about the two people who strongly recommend them in front of Fan Wenliang。He has been minister of grassroots organizations for so many years,Is able to accurately discern the shining ideal colors of these two people,at this point,He believes that he will not look away。
He took a breath again,Don’t want to make the topic so heavy,He is now by Peng Changyi’s side,There is time to remind him,Moreover,The relationship between Peng Changyi and Jiang Fan is“Passionate love”relationship,Some words he can only click until,Can only remind,The future is hard to predict,and so,Avoid saying the truthful words,Also seems to be nagging。Thought of here,He smiled easily on purpose,Said:“It seems,I still have a little effect on you。”
Peng Changyi,I almost squirted out the water I just drank,He coughed twice and said:“Don’t be so tacky, okay,Do you want me to count your achievements??”
“Hahaha。”Wang Jiadong raised his head and laughed,Said:“You bastard,Dare to teach me?”
Peng Changyi said:“Dare not,I just refuted it a bit。”Peng Changyi tilted his head,Looking at Wang Jiadong,Said badly:“you,How are you doing here,I should organize a wedding for you。”
Wang Jiadong raised his eyes,Said:“You kid,More and more presumptuous,I even dare to make a joke?”